The Bergen Charm

Considering I hadn't been in Bergen for so long I decided I wanted to go for a walk in the city and see the old houses again and just take time to take all of Bergen in. I couldn't think of a better person to do this with than my grandpa. He is a real bergenite and knows everything about the old houses and boats. He is the perfect guide because he has one of those brains where information just sticks (unlike mine).

He has lived in the same house for as long as I can remember and I hadn't been there in so long so it was great seeing it again. He also made the most delicious lunch .


On of the last days Marie were here in Bergen we went to a museum which is one of my favourite museums ever! It's an interactive science museum where you can learn all sort of things!! It's located here in Bergen just by the city. I had been there a few times before and it was just as fun as always. They had also expanded a lot so I got to see some things I hadn't seen before and stuff. We made a video from it like I mentioned a little while ago!

Vilvite and Horse Riding

Yesterday Marie went home really early. When Ken and I came home after following her to the air coach, we fell asleep straight away. I had no idea that I apparently needed sleep that badly. I literally had three long naps only waking up to eat!!

Two days ago, which was Marie's last day here, we decided to check out the science museum called VilVite. There will be a video out in a little while, I love it because it's so much fun to watch! It's like an interactive museum. We were there for a really long time, but I still didn't feel like I had seen more than half of it. There is a short video of me trying (and failing) to be a weather lady! Find it here!

Later on we went in to town to eat at one of my favourite places to eat called 'Godt Brød' (meaning 'Good Bread'). Afterwards we came across a street musician called Gee Gee Kettel, find his facebook page here. Marie and Ken asked him about one of his guitars and he decided to show them it's sound and started playing that one instead of the normal acoustic one. It was apparently a blues guitar, I love blues so I got excited straight away! He was amazing!

Later on we went to the stable with my friends because I was riding Zander that day. Both Marie and Ken sat on Zander! It was so much fun! Zander got a little bit stressed out, though! He's not quite used to less experienced people riding him. It was so much fun, though! 

It was such a great week with Marie! I had so much fun with her, she's great! I'm really happy she came to visit us and I hope she has a great time in Finland! 

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler


Two days ago my dad, Marie, Ken and myself went out to eat. It was so nice! Afterwards we went to see the king's Castle here in Bergen. The royal family mainly lives in Oslo, but has a proper castle here in Bergen as well. It's so pretty. I wish I could move in! Haha! It was nice walking around on the property having a look. I hadn't actually been that close to the castle before!

Picture by Ken Seiler

Picture by Ken Seiler


A Day at Troldhaugen

Troldhaugen is the place where the composer, Edvard Grieg, moved to at some point with his wife, Nina Grieg, and lived in until he died. After his death they made it into a museum and left most of the house the same way it used to be when he lived there. It's a really cool attraction here in Bergen. Especially for classical music interested like myself. His pieces are so amazing, it's always inspiring to visit his old home.

If you are ever in Bergen it's something I highly recommend to see. It's all so beautiful! I understand so well how he chose that location. It's like a dream property, it's right by the ocean and everything!   

Edvard and Nina Grieg is both buried in the hill on his property so you also visit his grave by visiting his house. I think that is really special and it's lovely that they were buried on their property!  

All pictures by Ken Seiler

Edvard Grieg's Home

As Marie is a big music fan in general so she was really excited to see Edvard Grieg's home where he lived with Nina Grieg. 

I will tell more about it tomorrow and show some pictures, but here is a video from it with one of the most famous Grieg pieces, 'Hall of the Mountain King'. It's also my favourite piece! I love making videos so I'm excited to have another one up! Ken does such a good job!

If you are wondering what's going on with all the Cuban stuff on my Instagram, by the way,  it's because my dad came home from two weeks in Cuba yesterday bringing coffee, cigars and little things that are really, really cool! I haven't relocated without telling you, that would be awful, haha! I tell you everything!

Today is Marilyn Monroe's death anniversary(?). Is that what you would call it? Anyway, I just wanted to mention it to honor her memory. She was amazing and a huge inspiration, I just wish life was easier on her and we got to keep her for much, much longer. I love you, Norma Jean!