Long Way Back

Ken and I were taking several trains from Victoria Station to Wales then to take a boat from Fishguard in Wales to Wexford in Ireland where Ken's mum were to pick us up. Our first train only left at 7 in the evening so Ken and I had the entire day in London! Yay! We had to check out early-ish (not really early, but felt very early for our jet lagged butts) so we dropped off our luggage at Victoria Station and headed for Oxford street. We had such a lovely day going to cafes, going to the Victoria's Secret store and going for dinner. I've had one of those great satin pajamas from Victoria's Secret for forever and it's starting to seriously fall apart because I've lived in it for so long so I finally got myself new satin pajamas, yay! They are just so good, I couldn't actually find them in the U.S. so I'm delighted that I could find them in their London store!

We had dinner at Wildwood Kitchen which was really nice and surprisingly budget friendly. You can find their website here.

Too broke to get the book

Too broke to get the book

It was Ken's idea to get the boat back from London and I was so excited about the idea. After spending an amazing day in London we were getting ready for our trains from Victoria Station to Fishguard. We had to take three different trains, I HATED the idea of that because we had so much luggage and public transport is stressful and annoying enough as it is. Having to actually change trains twice didn't really go down well with me, but it went so smoothly when we were there. The train stations were small and very easy navigate, most of the time we didn't have to navigate at all we just had to wait 10 min for the next train and there was hardly anyone else on the trains so we got seats with space for our luggage and so on. All very important things for comfort! Haha! I also got to see some of Wales which is new. I love welsh people, they are always just so nice. Like, I don't know what it is, but every single time I've met a welsh person they are just beyond nice! Love em'!!

We arrived at Fishguard at boarded the boat at 2 am. It was fun to go on the boat I thought, I haven't been on a boat in a really long time actually. Unfortunately it was pitch black outside so I didn't see any of it, but knowing we were on a boat was exciting enough. We grabbed a bit to eat, I really wanted to stay awake because I wanted to enjoy our last hours of adventure before being back in Ireland. Ken had gotten one of those pack of cards with hypothetical questions in California so we were reading those and discussing them before arriving in Ireland at 6 am.

When we arrived, as you can imagine, we went to bed only to return to the real world many, many hours later.


Ken and I took the plane from LA at 4 pm and arrived in London at 1 pm the day after. It was a good old rainy London day and it was just what I needed. Every single place we went was hot and humid and last time we went to London I was hoping it the weather would be cooler so I wore jeans and a trench, but I was sweaty and ended up carrying my trench coat the entire time. This time, however, it was lovely and cool (I've been in Ireland for a while now and all I want to do is to go back to the warm, humid and amazing places, I can't believe I ever felt that way!). I don't sleep well on public transport so as you can imagine I was knackered after spending the night and more on airplanes and in airports, all we did when we landed was to get a train to Victoria Station, pick up some fast food and then find our hotel to sleep. After having slept for a while we woke back up only to get some more food, walk around a little bit in the rainy evening streets of London and then go back to sleep.

Finally, a moment of peace

I've had such an amazing travel so far!! It's taken on my health to be on the go for that long. I have a cold already! Thankfully I have no fever (thank you, thank you, thank you universe or whoever), that would have knocked me right out, but I am so stuffy and my throat hurts. I haven't had a night with more than 6 hours of sleep since we left for our travel because there has been so much to see and so many people to meet. Sleep felt like a waste of time, but today I will actually have a few hours just to rest and take it easy. It will be the most amount of time I've spent in a comfortable seat and without a bra in over a week. When the bra comes off it's relaxation time to the fullest!

I won't have too much time for leisure because there is a million and one things I need to do, upload, write and so on with the blog. Thankfully I love doing the blog so much that it's fine!

Later today I will be on a plane ready to return to my beloved New York City. As always, I am excited and there is nothing New York can not cure so I know I will be healthy and happy when I get there!

Eating at Jamie Oliver's Diner

When we were in Piccadilly Circus we visited Jamie Oliver's Diner. It's a popup restaurant that has been there for over a year.

I've been a fan of Jamie Oliver for a while, especially after I got to know what he stands for food wise. To bring people awareness of what they actually eat seems to be what he is passionate about which I think is amazing considering we eat so much weird stuff. Most average foods even are filled with phony, synthetic ingredients and I think it's extremely harmful for your body if you are not careful. Jamie Oliver is all about spreading this message and I love that and think it's extremely important. I love that someone with power uses his voice for such good.

I have not a bad word to say about his diner either. The staff was lovely, the interior was so funny and nice and the food was perfect. I had a burger and sweet potato fries. I also had nachos for a starter. I would definitely recommend going if you have time in London!

London Calling

London is one of those amazing places I've been so many times. However, now I haven't been there for about three and a half years. I had no idea I missed it at all before getting so excited to go there again and happily realizing it hasn't changed one bit since I was there last.

Ken and I filled our one day there eating, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and saw lots, it was amazing! It was like I was a proper tourist in a city I know so well. I am already looking forward to go back at the end of the trip. I hope we have a little bit of time there.

The car on the left in the picture got stuck, kind of, between the huge bus and the side, for some reason he insisted on going next to the bus which just isn't very smart. So the bus driver leaned his entire upper body out of the bus yelling with a great British accent: "I'm big and I'm red, can you not see me?!" I loved that so much, haha! that's basically the British people in a nutshell.

The car on the left in the picture got stuck, kind of, between the huge bus and the side, for some reason he insisted on going next to the bus which just isn't very smart. So the bus driver leaned his entire upper body out of the bus yelling with a great British accent: "I'm big and I'm red, can you not see me?!" I loved that so much, haha! that's basically the British people in a nutshell.

Our Big Travel Ahead ✈

Ken and I have have been planning this travel for almost a year now and it finally right around the corner. We are going to be away for almost 5 weeks and I'm going to blog through all of it!

Today we leave for a hotel right by the airport so we can be on time for our first flight to Lisbon tomorrow morning. I am packed and couldn't be more ready. Kind of. In one sense I have been ready for this since about March this year, in another way I've been waiting for so long that I think I've just grown custom to the waiting part and almost freak out when I see that it is almost time to go, haha, isn't it weird?


It has actually been years since I've been to countries I haven't been in before so it's long overdue that I finally see something new. As most of you would know I have been in London and New York many times, but the rest of the places are brand new and I can not wait to get busy and explore. Ken and I are meeting my dad and his girlfriend in Lisbon tomorrow, there we have rented a car which we will drive from Lisbon to Faro for James and Ciara's wedding then to Seville and back to Lisbon. From Lisbon to London and the rest of the trip will only be Ken and I.

Now I can sit back, finally have some breakfast and look forward to this incredible adventure <3

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