Leaving Lisbon

Now I realize that it looks like we were in Lisbon for a long time, but we were only there for one and a half day. We just decided to sacrifice sleep and health to see absolutely everything we could the short time we were there. It was gorgeous.

After walking around a little bit in Lisbon it was time to head to Albufeira, south in Portugal, where we had a wedding and a beach to go to. Actually, the plan was to go to the beach in Lisbon so I put on a bikini that day, but we decided against it and decided to go to the beach in Albufeira instead considering it was only 2ish hours away. I kept my bikini on in good faith, but after many, many missed turns, unnecessary fights and wrong roads we only came to Albufeira pretty late. We strolled on the beach in the sunset, but it was a little bit too cold to want to bathe so I wore my bikini the entire day without ever getting to the beach.

When leaving Lisbon to go to Albufeira we crossed the longest bridge in Europe. It was gorgeous!

The longest bridge in Europe

The longest bridge in Europe

Picture by Ken

Picture by Ken


The place to eat sushi in Lisbon

We stumbled upon this place. It was almost too good to be true when we saw the prices. It was 15 euro for an all you can eat sushi buffet, as many starters as you'd like that were amazing and all you can drink of any drink. I had so much wine! The sushi was delicious as well so I was very happy! We were not the only ones who had discovered this place, it was sooooo popular!! We had to queue for 15-20 min to get in, but we definitely thought it was worth it. It was so full and lots of people had reserved tables so there were constantly an insane amount of people there as well as coming and going.

It's called Budda Sushi and Japanese Food.

My Lisboa Experience Part 2

When I landed in Lisboa I knew it was the beginning of so many new sights, places, smells, people, tastes and everything. It put me right in a state of ecstasy and the first thing I did was to go into a back street with live music and had a black coffee. I just sat there looking around and listening to the Portugese language and enjoying the best coffee I've had in a loooong time. The Irish don't really do coffee like that, I had almost forgotten how great great coffee really is! I'm telling you, order black coffee anywhere in Portugal, it's just amazing!

The last few pictures are from the place where I sat with my coffee. I was literally sitting there just taking pictures of what's around me. Ken was reading facts about Lisbon and apparently it's older than Rome and has loooots of history that isn't that well known. If you visit, I'd suggest you read up on it. I just wish I had before I was there and not afterwards, I also wish I'd have more time there, but there was more towns and adventure awaiting.

At our last night in Lisbon we went up to a point pretty high up and watched the sunset. It was an unforgettable experience seeing Lisbon turn golden. There was also a live band there playing to people for free. They were amazing and made the experience even better.

My Lisboa Experience Part 1

Hi everyone! I am now in London after an amazing week of non stop unforgettable travel. This is the first place where I have a decent internet connection and I am really excited to get writing and uploading all the pictures I took.

Get excited because I have a loooot of pictures and stories to tell! When I photograph a city I try so hard to capture what it's really like. Like, I like going down back streets and city streets where there are apartments only and no statues or fancy stores because you get a feel of what the energy in the city is really like. Haha, I used 'like' so many times in the last sentences! I love seeing what the streets look like where they haven't tried to make it amazing or beautiful because they are usually beautiful anyway and you get an idea of their style and taste and what's practical to their climate.

I wish at times that I had a wide angle lens and I'm using a really old camera and I feel like I newer camera would capture colour better, but I do my very best. I'm probably my own worst critic, haha! I just want it to be perfect, that's all! Sometimes I use Ken's pictures if I didn't take any or they are of me, but this time all the pictures are mine. There will be some of Ken's pictures in other posts from the vacation, but they will be specifically credited. So all the pictures are mine unless stated otherwise.

I'm always trying to improve my photography so I enjoy long days in new cities a lot because I spend quite a lot of time photographing the things I really want to capture and find interesting.


I will tell you more about what it's like in Lisbon in part 2, but for now the pictures will have to tell their own stories. It feels amazing to be able to blog again! I will have a little bit of time to update my blog tomorrow as well before heading to New York. See you then <3

Our Big Travel Ahead ✈

Ken and I have have been planning this travel for almost a year now and it finally right around the corner. We are going to be away for almost 5 weeks and I'm going to blog through all of it!

Today we leave for a hotel right by the airport so we can be on time for our first flight to Lisbon tomorrow morning. I am packed and couldn't be more ready. Kind of. In one sense I have been ready for this since about March this year, in another way I've been waiting for so long that I think I've just grown custom to the waiting part and almost freak out when I see that it is almost time to go, haha, isn't it weird?


It has actually been years since I've been to countries I haven't been in before so it's long overdue that I finally see something new. As most of you would know I have been in London and New York many times, but the rest of the places are brand new and I can not wait to get busy and explore. Ken and I are meeting my dad and his girlfriend in Lisbon tomorrow, there we have rented a car which we will drive from Lisbon to Faro for James and Ciara's wedding then to Seville and back to Lisbon. From Lisbon to London and the rest of the trip will only be Ken and I.

Now I can sit back, finally have some breakfast and look forward to this incredible adventure <3

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