Seven Deadly Sins

What I found so amusing about Vegas was that they celebrated everything that us people from the real world consider morally wrong. It was a jungle of craziness where you can get married to someone you just met at a choice of small wedding chapels, look at half naked women wherever you go, you get handed cards of naked women with their number on it on the streets by weird men, you can gamble all your money away, you can smoke anywhere, you can drink on the street (they sell takeaway margaritas in huge tubes that you can sip on anywhere), you can be serenaded by Elvis on any given street corner, you can live out your fantasies.

If you want to live out all the 7 deadly sins Vegas is the place to go.

In a sense there is a certain beauty to it. Like, a really crazy one. To be there is certainly an experience. The place where these pictures were taken was like a long hall that you could actually zip line through. It was full of shops, strip clubs, casinos and there was even a random, free concert in the middle of the hall. The band would play covers of really great songs. The band was great! 

Vegas be Cray

One of the first things we did in Vegas was to gamble. We just had to. Personally I couldn't care less about it, it's fun for like a second and it's cool of you win, but then it gets lame. However, considering it was Vegas, of course we had to gamble! Guess what! We made a profit! I guess the house doesn't always win! We may have outsmarted Las Vegas/stopped playing after we won. We made a little over 24 dollars and played for about 10 dollar all together in different casinos.

Everywhere in Europe you can do anything you want basically after you are 18 so it never occurs to me to bring ID. To me that's so obvious. Besides in Norway our ID is on our bank cards so we have them with us the entire time anyway. When we visited the casino in the Caesars Palace I was actually asked to leave by a woman in a suit wanting to see my ID who, by the way, didn't find it remotely funny when I started laughing. I was leaving anyway so it wasn't so bad apart from my mental state which wasn't sure if it should be offended or flattered. I mean, all the other casinos seemed more than happy to have me there. Moral of the story: bring a passport or a different valid ID to Vegas.

I went to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in their Chandelier Bar and had a Cosmopolitan. I didn't actually think about it before after having bought it that I was having a Cosmo at the Cosmo. It is also legal to smoke inside in Vegas which is cool.

The last few pictures in this blog were taken from a huge tower were you could see all over Las Vegas. It was so beautiful!! Extremely hard to take pictures, but you kind of get an idea from the pictures. 

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

We drove into Nevada seeing the crazy casinos on the border. We drove behind some of the amazing hotels like the New York Hotel, Cesars Palace and so on. We also drove past Henderson which was just a sea of bright white lights. We did not spend time in Las Vegas in the city before, though, that's where we were spending this day. For the people who haven't been in Las Vegas before I'll just explain the bizarreness of it. The famous Las Vegas as we all see on TV is all just one strip. Unlike a normal city with many streets, alleys, avenues and so on. Las Vegas is just on long and wide street. One long, wide and insane street! Klaus was so wonderful to drive through the strip pointing out what we should see and took us to the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

The main buildings on the Vegas strip is all huge, huge, extravagant hotels and enormous casinos. I have never ever seen hotels like that! In the New York hotel they have made the famous buildings in New York like Empire State building, Chrysler building, Statue of Liberty and Manhattan Bridge. You could book a hotel room in any of the famous buildings as I understand it. We didn't go inside it, but it looks insane. They also have a famous roller coaster going around the buildings.

Ken and I only spent one long day in Las Vegas, but it will be divided into 3 blog posts because there is just so much to tell and show! I have a step counter and it was the first day I ever hit 20 000 steps. It was a loooong day which also turned into a loooong night, haha! When returning to house after the day I was full of new impressions, culture shock and amazement.

Entering Nevada

Do you remember in the post two days ago I described what it was like to drive from California to crazy Nevada? Well, I found the pictures now three days later that I took from the car, haha! When seeing the Nevada border it was just a line of lots of lights in the desert that came closer and closer. When we came closer I saw that it was lots and lots of casinos. It was so weird! We also drove parallel to the famous Las Vegas Strip so we saw some of the hotels from behind. They looked equally as impressive from behind! 

In the RV

Upon arriving in California we were staying with Ken's lovely aunt, Monica, and uncle, Klaus. They are the loveliest people. They had news for us, when I heard them I couldn't quite believe it. They had mentioned it before, but I decided not to get excited already because it might not happen, but they actually told us that they are taking us to: Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and more! We were going in an RV as well. Like, I've never even seen an RV from the inside apart from in We The Milliers even, haha! I couldn't be more excited!!

Klaus and Monica has a house in Las Vegas as well which is where the RV was. We drove pretty late at night from SoCal to Nevada and that was amazing. Nevada is a crazy jungle unlike any other county, country, city, town, state, anything I have ever seen before. When driving towards Nevada from California and seeing the Nevada border we just saw a line of casinos on both sides of the rode which was the beginning of Nevada. It was the craziest thing!

I'll be telling you a lot more about Las Vegas and Nevada later, but for now. Here are some pictures from the RV that I took before we left for Hoover Dam, the day after spending the night in Las Vegas.


Our Big Travel Ahead ✈

Ken and I have have been planning this travel for almost a year now and it finally right around the corner. We are going to be away for almost 5 weeks and I'm going to blog through all of it!

Today we leave for a hotel right by the airport so we can be on time for our first flight to Lisbon tomorrow morning. I am packed and couldn't be more ready. Kind of. In one sense I have been ready for this since about March this year, in another way I've been waiting for so long that I think I've just grown custom to the waiting part and almost freak out when I see that it is almost time to go, haha, isn't it weird?


It has actually been years since I've been to countries I haven't been in before so it's long overdue that I finally see something new. As most of you would know I have been in London and New York many times, but the rest of the places are brand new and I can not wait to get busy and explore. Ken and I are meeting my dad and his girlfriend in Lisbon tomorrow, there we have rented a car which we will drive from Lisbon to Faro for James and Ciara's wedding then to Seville and back to Lisbon. From Lisbon to London and the rest of the trip will only be Ken and I.

Now I can sit back, finally have some breakfast and look forward to this incredible adventure <3

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