I was feeling bummed from the moment I got up that day because I knew it was my last day in California. The amazing Cat and Jeff decided to bring us to a restaurant for lunch together and then bring us to Hollywood before we left in the afternoon.

It was really fun to see the Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It was crowded, full of people trying to promote stuff, small, but it was fun to see. I really wanted a massive hoodie that said I <3 LA and I went into a typical tourist store to see if they would have it. They had a really big hoodie and t shirt section so I asked a girl who worked in that section if they had any I <3 LA hoodies. She told me no, she also told me they had lots of Hollywood t shirts and Los Angeles surfing decorated hoodies, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The shop was pretty big so I kept walking and browsing until I suddenly came across a big table full of I <3 LA hoodies!! Haha!! Score!

I also got a Breakfast at Tiffany's mug and post cards that I forgot to send.

When we got to the airport Ken and I had some pizza and eventually boarded the plane. I was SO nervous about the luggage as it was waaay overweight! I expected to have to pay a fortune, but they were so nice and let us go even though my suitcase was 25 kg, haha! Then again considering it was only 25 kg after 5 weeks of travel it wasn't so bad at all.

The trip from LA to London was 10 hours so I had lots of time to watch movies. They had really great ones. I watched The Great Gatsby again which was just as amazing and heartbreaking as last time I saw it. I thought I would hate a 10 hour flight, but it wasn't actually that bad.