Dublin Tribute Part 3

Here is my third and last part of the Dublin Tribute series.

I think Dublin is such an under rated city with a lot more beauty and gorgeous spots than it ever gets credit for. I visited for the first time in 2008 and had such a great time. I had no idea I would ever live there at the time, but even then it had a special place in my heart. If you ever have the chance, you should visit. Although tourism is a big part of Dublin city as well, but I don't think it's half as bad as London and New York. You can experience Dublin's authenticity without fighting your way out of the crazy tourism prices yellow and red stickers and much too pricey deals.

Dublin Tribute Part 2

Here comes part deux of my Dublin Tribute. There will be a part 3 as well.

Grattan Bridge was right by our old apartment and it used to be my favourite place to shoot. It was beautiful and there were a few people, but not crazy amounts so it's more pleasant to shoot. You'll see pretty shots from Grattan Bridge quite a bit in the tribute collages. I miss Dublin, but I don't have time to miss Dublin really because I am in Lisbon right now. A brand new city and experience is waiting and I am incredibly excited!

Dublin Tribute Part 1

Dublin will always have a special place in my heart. It did before I even lived there, but especially after having lived in the middle of Dublin City my love grew. Like any other city in the world it has it's own unique essence and charm that has to experienced rather than explained.

The Irish love anything Irish more than anyone on the planet which is very special and unique. Most people grow very custom to their hometown, obviously, but Irish people love Irish bread, Irish meat, Irish milk, Irish everything!

While having lived in Dublin City, I snapped loads of pictures with my phone and did lots of outfit shoots. I've put together collages with Instagram posts of spots in Dublin that are memorable or significant to Dubliners or even just very beautiful.

Where To Get The Best Sushi In Dublin

This is a charming little place. It doesn't look like much from the outside at all and it's not located on a trendy or popular road, but what you get inside never fails to impress.

It was actually my friend, Fiona, who showed me the place first only a few months later we moved in right around the corner, it took us 2 minutes to walk to this place! When you get there you immediately get a small cup of green tea for free. Their sushi itself is of perfect quality which is so important to me when I eat at a restaurant. According to their website they use fresh stuff every single hour and considering all of this their prices are really good! The sushi you see in the pictures we got for takeaway, but when you get it served in the restaurant it's served on cute wooden bridges and plates. It's lovely.

The place is very small and just as amazing as it sounds. When I first started eating there not that many people knew of it, but word must have traveled fast and now it's almost always full so I would recommend that you call ahead for an reservation. If you are visiting Dublin or live there, please do yourself a favor and just go and have some sushi at Musashi!

MV Cill Airne, The Boat Restaurant

I've seen this boat a few times wanting to go there. I think a restaurant on a boat sounds so cool so before leaving Dublin for a while I knew I had to check it out. I booked a table for two for the restaurant at first, but when we got there they only had seats inside. I asked if it was possible to sit outside, but apparently only the bar was outside. I thought the restaurant looked handsome and all, but a little old fashioned and not in a good way. I couldn't find anything on the menu that I really wanted either so we decided to go up to the bar instead. I'm so happy we did, we got to sit outside and enjoy the sunset, they had amazing music playing and delicious wine! They had a different kitchen so they had typical bar food, I got fish and chips and Ken got a burger. It was my first fish and chips since coming to Dublin this time, it's always delicious so I was very, very pleased. It was also served on those cool wooden chopping board looking things.

The prices was very average bar food prices, I was happy about that because I felt like the food was a little higher quality than average bar food and also presented well which is always a plus. All in all I was very happy, I will definitely take my friends and family there when they visit.


Every year there is a street performance fair in Dublin. I had no idea, but our room mates told us about it and suggested we go there all four of us. We were obviously down for that. It was lovely, it was very family-y, haha! There were a lot of children and families there, it was very much so a family event, but they gave out free Oreos and had a petting zoo so I was happy anyway!

I take in every moment in Dublin before we're leaving. I had to stop to photograph every little thing I went past so I can remember it forever. Most of the pictures are phone snaps I took throughout the day :)

Ken's amazing picture

Ken's amazing picture