Disneyland was a BLAST! It was so so much fun!! I've never seen anything like it, it was wonderful. Ken and I got there early in the morning around 9 and met Kens sister there a little later. Ken and I wandered around for a good while watching a Disney Mickey Mouse show, an Abraham Lincoln show (they had made a wax figure of him than moved and talked just like him, it was impressive!), we went to Looney Toones land, I had candy floss and got my self Minnie Mouse ears. Kens sister is full of energy and so much fun to be around, she had been there many times and we met up with her and her lovely friend Celine they showed us the best rides. I was so freakin' fun!!

The best ride by far was The Hollywood Tower Hotel. We got the picture that was taken by the ride you can see it below. It was as if you got in an elevator and you were taken to the top floor of the high building then a huge wall opened and you could see all over Disney World. Then suddenly the elevator dropped what seemed like forever and super fast. I was pretty convinced a few times that I as going to die. It was so much fun!! I want to be back there NOW!

Towards the evening the park was so full. I heard so many people say "what's going on??" Kens sister also said the only other time she saw it as busy was one new years eve she was there. We had dinner at some point and after that almost all the rides we wanted to take were broken down. It was crazy. We had to be in line forever to take The Hollywood Tower Hotel because it broke down before we got on it. Two different rides broke down while we were on it as well so we had to wait on the ride forever. After that all the rides we wanted to take was broken down. It didn't break my spirit, though. I had so much fun!! It's a wonderful place and it was time well spent with wonderful people.

I took a test to figure out which Disney character I was, I got Alice in Wonderland

I took a test to figure out which Disney character I was, I got Alice in Wonderland