I was feeling bummed from the moment I got up that day because I knew it was my last day in California. The amazing Cat and Jeff decided to bring us to a restaurant for lunch together and then bring us to Hollywood before we left in the afternoon.

It was really fun to see the Hollywood's Walk of Fame. It was crowded, full of people trying to promote stuff, small, but it was fun to see. I really wanted a massive hoodie that said I <3 LA and I went into a typical tourist store to see if they would have it. They had a really big hoodie and t shirt section so I asked a girl who worked in that section if they had any I <3 LA hoodies. She told me no, she also told me they had lots of Hollywood t shirts and Los Angeles surfing decorated hoodies, but it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. The shop was pretty big so I kept walking and browsing until I suddenly came across a big table full of I <3 LA hoodies!! Haha!! Score!

I also got a Breakfast at Tiffany's mug and post cards that I forgot to send.

When we got to the airport Ken and I had some pizza and eventually boarded the plane. I was SO nervous about the luggage as it was waaay overweight! I expected to have to pay a fortune, but they were so nice and let us go even though my suitcase was 25 kg, haha! Then again considering it was only 25 kg after 5 weeks of travel it wasn't so bad at all.

The trip from LA to London was 10 hours so I had lots of time to watch movies. They had really great ones. I watched The Great Gatsby again which was just as amazing and heartbreaking as last time I saw it. I thought I would hate a 10 hour flight, but it wasn't actually that bad.

What we did when we did nothing in California

Every single day when Ken and I had time we would go to the pool by the apartment we stayed in. I loved spending time there!! It was so nice to swim around and have a good time. It was freezing in the big pool and super hot in the jacuzzi. I don't mind, I throw myself into it, but Ken would spend forever trying to get used to it, the wuss, haha!

I loved it there!

The most amazing Day

After the amazing lunch and kayaking the four of us went to the spa. We hung out by the pool for a while until Cat and I went into the spa. It was lovely to spend some time with her. We had chats, champagne, pools and steam rooms all of which I really like. We had such a good time! Afterwards we met up with Ken and Jeff again to walk around, watch the sunset and have sushi. They had such a good jazz band playing in the resort as well. They were amazing! They played jazz covers of famous songs. I will post an Instagram video of them doing a jazz version of Radioactive.

Needless to say it was a 5 star day from morning to night! As far as surprises go; it was a pretty darn good one! Well done Cat, thank you so much!

Cat and Jeff

Cat and Jeff

Kayaking at the California coast

Our last full day in California we were spending with Cat and Jeff. Cat had a surprise for us. We were curious what it was from the very beginning, haha. We already knew from the first day we arrived that she had a secret surprise. I was literally loosing sleep trying to figure out what it was, it's not very easy to surprise me, but she managed to surprise me and none of my theories of what we were doing were correct. She took us to a huge 5 star resort where we spent the day, but first it was breakfast time. We had Acai yoghurt with fruits and honey, it was delish!! We got it in a strange, almost empty, hipster-like shopping mall. Then we continued to the resort where we were surprised by a kayak trip along the California Coast. It was so fun, we saw seals and everything.

Afterward we had the most delicious lunch. I had half a portion of Eggs Benedict and half a portion of smoked salmon with something, I shared with Cat, perfect deal! It was probably the most beautiful resort I have ever seen. Apparently they filmed parts of Pirates of the Caribbean there and a bunch of other famous movies. Celebs were also staying there regularly, I tried to spot one, but I couldn't see any, haha! I love celebrity spotting!


Disneyland was a BLAST! It was so so much fun!! I've never seen anything like it, it was wonderful. Ken and I got there early in the morning around 9 and met Kens sister there a little later. Ken and I wandered around for a good while watching a Disney Mickey Mouse show, an Abraham Lincoln show (they had made a wax figure of him than moved and talked just like him, it was impressive!), we went to Looney Toones land, I had candy floss and got my self Minnie Mouse ears. Kens sister is full of energy and so much fun to be around, she had been there many times and we met up with her and her lovely friend Celine they showed us the best rides. I was so freakin' fun!!

The best ride by far was The Hollywood Tower Hotel. We got the picture that was taken by the ride you can see it below. It was as if you got in an elevator and you were taken to the top floor of the high building then a huge wall opened and you could see all over Disney World. Then suddenly the elevator dropped what seemed like forever and super fast. I was pretty convinced a few times that I as going to die. It was so much fun!! I want to be back there NOW!

Towards the evening the park was so full. I heard so many people say "what's going on??" Kens sister also said the only other time she saw it as busy was one new years eve she was there. We had dinner at some point and after that almost all the rides we wanted to take were broken down. It was crazy. We had to be in line forever to take The Hollywood Tower Hotel because it broke down before we got on it. Two different rides broke down while we were on it as well so we had to wait on the ride forever. After that all the rides we wanted to take was broken down. It didn't break my spirit, though. I had so much fun!! It's a wonderful place and it was time well spent with wonderful people.

I took a test to figure out which Disney character I was, I got Alice in Wonderland

I took a test to figure out which Disney character I was, I got Alice in Wonderland


One of the places you need to visit in California is the fast food restaurant IN-N-OUT. It's like McDonald's and Burger King just way better and not made with crazy, awful conservatives and things like that. I think it's a California thing only because they definitely don't have it in New York and I didn't see it in Nevada or Arizona or anywhere else that I went.

It is soooo tasty!! You have to give it a visit if you are ever in California!