Cacela Velha

We drove by Cacela Velha on the way from Albufeira to Seville. It's the most gorgeous small town. I'm pretty sure I photographed every angle of this town which you can see in my blog post. It was really small. We also ate at their seemingly only cafe. I had a lovely Sandwhich and yummy ice cream.

It was one of those moments I felt so fortunate that we were driving because it was clearly a place you can't fly to or take a train to. You'd have to drive there so there probably hasn't been that many tourists there. It looked so beautiful and I'm so glad I got to see it! It was almost empty and it was just so small that it's really hard to imagine anyone living there at all.

While at the cafe I saw the biggest grasshopper ever! It was at least 12cm long and just siting on the table behind us like it's nobody's business. I was terrified it would jump on me or something, haha! The locals seemed completely fine with it and I just thought they were absolutely mad.