Food, hell week, work and that

My sushi date with Ken yesterday was nice! Every Sunday it's an all you can eat deal and as usual I ate so much! Salmon sashimi is my favourite!

Today I'm back to work! I'm excited about it! There is such good coffee there, I'm going to drink so much coffeeeee! Haha! Hell week is finished so I'm probably going to have a bar of chocolate as well and tonight we are eating spaghetti! The entire last week we ate salmon and chicken! Only one day we bought some lean pork instead. It was kind of economical actually because We had a bunch of salmon and chicken fillets in the freezer anyway so we just ate that.

I've been making a lot of sweet potato wedges as well. They are really good and I'm considering a recipe on the blog! I usually go in and out of phases when it comes to learning new things in the kitchen so usually I update the food blog 3 times a week for two weeks and then don't update it again for 3 months. I update it again when I'm tired of eating my old recipes, haha!! I actually use my own recipes on the blog if I forget anything or need a shopping list.

I'm also trying to slow roast a chicken probably next weekend so I'll tell you how that went and if it goes well, I can do a recipe on that too. Oh, and my favourite power smoothies I can do as well! Perfect, I'm full of ideas now!