Close Ups


I apologize for the late blog. It's been a peculiar day today, it was a weird day at work and I was really tired when I came home. I started working on the blog straight away and then realized we're going away this weekend so I had to do the dishes, do laundry, pack and generally get stuff done. On top of that I needed to come up with something to eat for dinner.

We are going to Wexford to visit Ken's mum. I'm really looking forward to it!

I am on top of things now so I'm feeling better, but I was a little stressed earlier. It doesn't help to have bills hanging over you, like I told you earlier, we got a huge electricity bill and all that gets on my mind.

Now I'm just trying to unwind, stress down and relax. All I need to do now is have a lovely shower and hang up the wash:)

I hope you are having the loveliest week <3