A Lazy And Productive Sunday At The Same Time

I'm sorry for being absent from the blog all day. Like I told you yesterday, I've had some trouble with the photos I took, it froze my computer every time I tried to get them on my computer.

In the end my computer refused to turn on and I had to wipe it completely (for the third time in a short period of time). So annoying, but on the positive side, it runs very quickly after a wipe and I didn't have much stuff to loose by wiping it.

Only now I'm finished getting the computer up and running and got the photos on it. I got a new editing program as well so the process is really, really slow this time trying to figure everything out, but they turn out waaay better than before, I'm so happy about it!

I've had a really good Sunday apart from that. I've just been inside tidying and cleaning lots, done laundry, cooking and fixed my computer. It's been lovely! Right now I'm on the couch with Ken watching Dexter.