Important updates

Happy new year! Most years I would have already made many lists of realizations, reflections, goals, dreams, accomplishments for the old year and the new. So far this year I have been so busy working and whatnot that I haven't done, or wanted to do, any of it. I've had such a great and peaceful Christmas and New Year celebration. My dad was here the entire time which was amazing. I'm completely hooked to Parks and Recreation. It's hilarious. I also started Westworld which is interesting. I'm watching it with Ken and he already has eight theories and possible outcomes for the show. He's probably correct, somehow, with all of them.

I feel like the fact that David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman and Harper Lee died in 2016 made me feel like I died a little as well. It was weird to see Love Actually knowing that Alan Rickman is actually dead. Carrie Fisher was the coolest woman ever and her dog is really cute. Harper Lee, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie all changed my life. Rest in peace.

I will try to do more outfit posts. I shop so much second hand lately, I love it so much. I love finding clothes that has already been owned and worn by someone and had a life.

Also, I became vegan recently. I love it. Have you noticed how vegans often take it their lifestyle choice extremely seriously? Vegan starter pack: an extremely judgemental attitude for anyone who doesn't eat and live like them, puts the word 'vegan' in their Instagram bio, preach about veganism any chance they get, hate in the comments on anything posted anywhere on the internet that isn't about veganism, use the hashtag #vegan and #veganbody any chance they get, a hunger to prove that vegans can do anything, defensiveness against anything non-vegan especially non-vegan comments of any kind, an unending lust to talk about them being vegan. Some even wear t-shirts that says 'vegan'. Long story short, I think vegans give veganism a bad rep. It's just a simple choice not to eat animals or animal products. I can't say I will never do any of those vegan things, but I will enjoy learning new recipes and enjoy not preaching unless asked. Other than that, I have to say it's pretty amazing, ha!

May you receive everything you need and wish for in 2017 <3




Happy Christmas everyone. Ken and I are hosting a dinner at ours and I'm excited to have a relaxing Christmas time to shake off 2016 and feel refreshed for 2017. My dad arrives today and I can't wait. It's cold here in Ireland, there was suppose to be a storm and there kind of was one, but it lasted in total about 20 minutes and it was dry again by afternoon. I hope it remains dry!

I'm looking forward to see Hollys little face when she gets to open her present!

Is anyone else experiencing post traumatic stress disorder after the election?? I'm shook and not over it. I'm still with her. I look forward to see the first female take the most powerful role in the world today - whenever that may be.

I have a feeling 2017 will be fantastic, I look forward to it.

I wish you a peaceful and wonderful Christmas <3

Long Time No See

I haven't blogged all that much this year which feels weird. So much has happened that I haven't told you about; I started a new job as a dog walker (Happy Dogs United) and that is what has been consuming all my time. I used to write every day, but after I started working a lot I got so consumed in what I was doing that I quit every other project. Now I have a few days without work and something happened recently that took quite a bit out of me. It had a happy ending, but I started wondering if I even wanted to continue working with dogs at all. Now as my feet has been planted very harshly back on the planet and I've taken about two steps back from my dog walking for a breather, I find that I miss writing and other things that make me me. I'm a really passionate person and when I start something, like my dog walking, I pretty much see nothing else. I've loved it so much and I know I will love it again, but after the little hiccup I had I lost enthusiasm and joy for my job. Part of the reason that happened was because I cared so much about what I did and I was so proud of what I did so it was like a kick to the gut when it happened. I am working this weekend and on one hand I'm not excited about it, on the other hand I literally can't wait because I need to feel the joy again.

Speaking of joy, I definitely feel joy sitting here in silence writing this. I attended a wedding in Galway last weekend. I will never understand people/characters in American TV shows, they always talk about how much they hate weddings. I always have fun at weddings! If I feel like it's a bit of a slow night, I make it my mission and priority to make it a great night. I love catching up with people I don't see all that often, I love dancing and I love getting up to shenanigans. Free food doesn't hurt either. I included the photo booth photos from the wedding as photography is also something I have down prioritized lately. Like writing, I kind of feel like photographing again now. When I feel amazing about dog walking again I'll try not to shelf the camera and my notebook all together again. I missed this. I've also been very busy doing courses this year. The first three months of the year I did a Creative Writing Course with Oxford University, the next three months I did Dog Psychology and Dog Training and now I'm doing Dog Care. I really want to feel qualified to work with dogs. When the courses end I will blog a little more and have a little more time. I really want to photograph the dress from the wedding because it was so gorgeous, but I never took one full size photo!! I brought the camera for the wedding, but turns out the memory card was left behind which gave me a feeling of wanting to jump of a building. Ah well.

In other news, considering we are catching up and all, I've become a vegetarian and I feel really good about my decision. I haven't eaten meat in almost three months now and it's surprisingly easy. First of all you can get meat substitutes like quorn so that your dinner plate will still look exactly the same and you can still have burgers. I don't eat quorn at all, I haven't had one quorn meal since I became a vegetarian, but I appreciate the option a lot. I guess it's like knowing someone is there for you, you don't necessarily talk to them about your issue(s), but knowing that you can is enough. Get me? Like, if the mood really strikes I can always have quorn, but so far I haven't actually wanted meat at all. Secondly there are so many delicious meals that doesn't include meat. I feel, actually, really great about eating, knowing that I'm not eating anything dead. Maybe you can argue that fruit and vegetable is dead when you pick it, but I mean a dead conscious being. I wasn't aware how much lighter and better I would feel by not eating meat.

Another thing I should catch you up on is that Ken has adopted a new dog. Harley is her name and she is half German Shepherd, Half Pomeranian and 100% adorable. That was a very cheesy thing to say.. I hate when people say stuff like that, but now I did it too so I have to get behind it somehow. I'll tell you her story at some stage, but not today. Now I've caught you up on everything major that has happened lately, I think. I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole bunch of stuff, but that's a risk I'm willing to take and I will not wait three months to make another blog! Promise x

Belfast Trip

I went to Belfast last weekend. I've loved Belfast since I first went there and I always enjoy going back. It was a little bitter sweet to be there this time because last time I was there I was with my grandma and we walked past spots where took photos together. I think it's one of the last times I spent time with her before she became ill. She was one of my favourite women in the world so I still have a hard time with the fact that she is gone. This was Holly's first time to Belfast which made it very special. I love traveling with her, she's actually a great traveler, she's so calm and have become so trusting. Ken and I went to see Ken's favourite band (/artist?) Mark Tremonti. It was his first time seeing him so I was so excited for him. Mark Tremonti is the lead guitarist from Alter Bridge and Creed and turned out to be a wonderful song writer on his own so he is now touring with his own band. The concert was great, a lot of headbangers and a mosh pit which always scares me. Even though I must have been close to hundreds of mosh pits they never fail to scare me! I really enjoyed hearing the songs I've heard so many times live. Ken and I met them afterwards which was great fun as well. Ken got to meet his hero which made me happy. This trip was one of those trips that went well in the end, but had so many trials to get there. Everything from ordering tickets to meeting them went wrong. Things went wrong, but they were always fixable, but eeeeverything came at a price. I suppose it almost made me enjoy each experience more because we had to work seriously hard to get there! Nothing was easy on the trip, but my god, I had such a great time. Even just hanging out on the train was lovely. Holly always draws a crowd which makes me meet so many interesting, lovely and some strange people. However, I actually always enjoy talking to people and listening to their stories about their dogs. When you commit to just listen to people, the most amazing things come out. People tell me about their loss, trials, illnesses, happiness, sadness, cuddle times, how their dogs came into their lives and so on. I actually love seeing photos of other peoples dogs. It blows my mind how animals brings people together and can even make strangers bond. I learn so much from other people's stories.

Has anyone else noticed how many dead birds are lying around these days? There are literally dead birds everywhere, it's not normal. Is it a solstice thing? Is it a thing occurring everywhere? I don't know what's going on. I got stung by a huge brown insect today. I didn't like it much. My first reaction, even though I was alone (with Holly and one other dog) was "Awwww, why would you dooo thaaat???" In a terrified almost crying voice. Like... Who reacts like that?! Who talks to insects? Me, that's who...  It hurt, though. I tried to flick it away, but it's body, kind of, bounced while it's head was still stuck to me. So gross. Second time I flicked I got it off me. It stung me outside my tights.. It's not normal.

Be a non-assumer

Hello lovelies!

I've just finished Catcher in the Rye and I'm not quite sure what to say. It wasn't good or bad, long or short, exciting or boring, perfect or imperfect. It was captivating by the way the mood was set and I was brought into the mind of a young man in trouble. I'm glad I read it.

I've been very busy lately. Today I ended up walking for 3 and a half hours, the dogs in the neighborhood got exercised to say the least. I spent yesterday and the day before in Belfast which is one of my favourite places in Ireland. It was, kind of, Holly's first time out of the country. Only legally, let's face it.. It's the same country!!! Anyway, more about that later.

I wanted to mention something. You know the way people assume a lot of things?? I've never been one to assume much. I always ask if I'm unsure. I have always done that because it makes sense to me. However, it's been brought to my attention lately how much people assume about other people! And they talk about their assumptions to other people, judging people. It always says so much more about the person assuming than the person being assumed about. And most of the time it makes no sense whatsoever. It literally blows my mind how much people can assume about other people, they will sit and assume and figure out the other person's life, assuming they know best while their own life is a mess and they can't get organized. They are always miserable people. People who actually do know best, don't assume, judge other peoples lives or, most definitely, don't talk about other peoples lives in a degrading way. That I know for sure.

Shout out to all the non-assumers. If you are an assumer, do yourself a huge favor and stop.

Love you

Girls in Oslo - Nightime Edition

In the evening, after having spent the whole day with Jenny, Marit came to spend some time with us as well. She was running in an annual race in Oslo the day after so she wasn't drinking much. Jenny and I were convinced we'd get her drunk eventually, but she didn't budge. To be fair, I never really felt drunk enough to go out-out either, even thought I must have drank a whole bottle and a half of wine. It was just one of those days when no matter what you drink you'll, unhappily, stay sober. Jenny was the only one who was feeling larger than life. She was chatting to everyone while Marit and I made fun of insanely hilarious people dancing. They actually got everyone else dancing as well, they were so funny. Some people came up to us outside the bar and asked about how long we had known each other because by the way we were communicating we looked like we went way back, which is true. I just never would have guessed it was noticeable, especially considering we never spoke to them before they told us that, they could just see it.

At some point during the night a man spoke to me and Marit, he was sitting right behind us and he was saying something about Oslo that I couldn't hear, then I said something about being a Bergen tourist in Oslo and I told him that we were Bergen tourists in Oslo too. He was sitting with a girl and she started saying that we shouldn't pay attention to him and just ignore him to which he replied that we should just ignore her because she had been in and out of psychiatric hospital so many times. I started laughing straight away and looked at her assuming he was joking, but she was kind of avoiding eye contact and said "not that many times." That nearly killed me. Later on, I recognized the guy behind the bar because he used to work in a club in Gran Canaria when I lived there. He was so appreciative that I told him I recognized him. When I left he even gave me a high five from behind the bar and told me that he'd see me soon, "real soon!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that the chances of us even meeting at all were so slim that we were likely to never ever see each other again. So random, though! At least he said he was very happy here, happier than in Gran Canaria which is hard to believe, Gran Canaria is paradise.

After coming home we smoked and chatted until the sun came up. <3