California Beach

Cat and Jeff, my non official siblings in law, took Ken and I to a restaurant on the beach. It was so nice! We ate, talked, walked on the beach, Ken and I were so jet lagged so we almost fell asleep and so on. It was a lovely afternoon. 

The little birds in the pictures were so funny. Their little legs moved so fast as they ran away from the waves. They cracked me up so much!!

Cat and Jeff being cute

Cat and Jeff being cute

The little cabins in the pictures were empty and no one are allowed to do something about them, I think. They were pretty look looking. The beach was amazing! It makes me want to go surfing! I wish I could spend more time on the beach. In fact, I believe the beach can do the world of good for your mind and body.

A Warm Welcome

OK, there are warm welcomes with hugs and nice stuff, but then there are REALLY FREAKING WARM WELCOMES they include, champagne, flowers, balloons as well as hugs and nice stuff. I had never experienced one of those before, but now they have a whole new meaning.

Upon arriving at LAX we were expecting Ken's uncle to pick us up, but instead Ken's beloved sister, Cat, came. Ken hasn't seen her in 5 years or something. It was my first time meeting her even though I've been with Ken for well over 3 years. It was a super nice surprise! Jeff, Cat's boyfriend was there too. I've heard lots about the two over the years so it was so nice to finally get to meet them.


We left JFK super early in the morning. Louise, who is my hero, was so kind to drive us to the airport at 5 in the morning! How super sweet and kind!

The flight was surprisingly long. I expected it to be 3 hours, but it was 7! I have a whole new respect for how big America is. It was an alright flight and it felt super weird to land at 9 in the morning considering we left New York at 7 in the morning.

We saw lots of amazing sights from the plane. I'm pretty sure we flew over the Grand Canyon, but I'm not sure. Flying Virgin was meh, they had screens for your journey, but you had to pay for expensive wifi for just an hour and you had to pay to watch anything. However, I did find out that drinks were complimentary so I kept ordering water, orange juice and wine, ha!