Metro Cafe

Metro cafe is one of my absolute favourite spots to have lunch or breakfast. It's an absolutely charming place to eat and the menu is great. The waiters are very friendly and know the menu very well so that you can ask them questions about it. For example the other day I got tired of reading all the delicious things on the menu so I simply asked the waitress for a healthy good option and she told me about the Greek yoghurt with berries which was delicious. I can also recommend the Oak Smoked Salmon Salad and the scrambled eggs. Ken really enjoys the pancakes with syrup too. The quality of the food is great.

It's one of those spots that is easy to love and has so much heart and soul. The area around it is beautiful as well. It's my favourite Dublin Area by far. There are so many good restaurants and fun quirky shops around. It's also very close to Stephen's Green Park, Stephen's Green shopping center and Grafton Street. All amazing places to be!

43 William St S, Dublin 2

I want to remind you that this post isn't sponsored in any way. I'm starting a new thing with Travel Tips on the blog. As you can see there is now a section on the blog called Travel Tips where you can see my blog posts from each individual place I've visited. It's not going to be an ultimate travel guide, it's going to be quality things to see and places to go that I personally recommend and love. Dublin is a lovely city and I want to make sure you get the most out of it when you visit. I also have a lot of travel ahead of me with lots of opportunities to find the best spots to eat, drink and see.

Dublin when it's rainy

Dublin is just amazingly beautiful when it rains and the rain itself set the entire city to a certain mood. Just like when it's sunny, things look different and the memories that you make look different, more shiny and less colourful or something.

I went to see Phil with Ken while Phil was busking. I don't remember exactly why, but he needed something from Ken and I came bringing the camera. He usually busks in Temple Bar and he's such a great musician so if you're in the area you should watch him play.

When I first visited Dublin people kept talking about Temple Bar, they were, like, ALL going to Temple Bar. I thought it was just a really popular bar. I actually never found Temple Bar (I thought). Next time I visited Dublin, however, I found out that Temple Bar was a popular area with lots of bars, music, restaurants and chippers. There is a bar called Temple Bar, but it's not at all what they are referring to when they say Temple Bar. It's just a popular area to meet up with people and a little square to hang out located right in the middle of town, it just happens to have lots of bars around it. So if you are in Dublin and everyone keeps talking about Temple Bar like you should already know what that is, worry not, it's not the most popular bar in the world, haha!

The pictures are from Temple Bar when I went to see Phil with Ken :)

Church Restaurant

The sun is shining here in Dublin today, I just came home from having lunch with Ken and Phil. I was only going for a coffee at first I wasn't going to eat because I just had breakfast and then the lady was all like "the special is smoked salmon on brown bread today" so I had to eat after all. Now, I'm super full!!!

The pictures are from the other day, though. Ken and I decided to try out Church Restaurant in the neighborhood. I always thought it looked so nice there so it was great to try it out. The food was alright, like, it was really good, but not amazing. The place was so cute that it made up for it.

It was an old church with a huge bar in it, it was pretty cool, but the best part was the outside area with all the bushes and all. I just have to excuse my bad posture in that picture by the table, in my defense the chair was so deep, haha!

The Little Italian Place Around the Corner

The other day Ken, myself and Phil went out for breakfast. I've had my eye on a super cute Italian place forever that I've wanted to go to, but never really had a reason to. Finally this day we did go there and it was just as cute inside as it looked on the outside. I basically had garlic bread and pizza for breakfast #carbfest #yolo haha! They had the cutest salt and pepper thingies, they were teeny! There are so many Italian restaurants around here, I love Italian food it's awesome.

Today Ken and I went to see 22 Jump Street finally. I've wanted to see it forever! It was really funny, they were clearly just taking the piss, not taking it too seriously and that made it good.

Other than that I go up and down with how I feel like leaving the apartment. Sometimes it really makes me feel down, other times I know it's for the best and feel better about it. It wasn't like I was completely happy here anyway, but being in the middle of the city often would shine so bright that everything else fell in the shadow and became less important.

I'm looking forward to the future, I'm really hoping to get another place in the city or at least some city, it doesn't even have Dublin city! The future in so uncertain so it's on my mind a lot. Ah well, it'll be fine :)

What happens when I say my name is Ellen Marie at Starbucks. Apparently I become Latina!

What happens when I say my name is Ellen Marie at Starbucks. Apparently I become Latina!

Global Village Pride News Talk

Yesterday afternoon Ken got a job as a photographer for a radio show. It's currently gay pride time here in Dublin it's like a long awareness time people fight to legalize same sex marriage and show every it's OK to be gay basically they have a huge parade and everything which I can't wait to be a part of. The way I understand it yesterday was THE gay pride day where they lit all the buildings in the colours of the rainbow and things like that. One of the things going on yesterday was also this radio show where there was many interviews with gay couples, trans people, gay people explaining what it was like being gay in their workplace and so on. It was really amazing to listen to and be in their live audience. So yes, Ken got hired as a photographer and he brought me to photograph with the other camera we have to make sure he got it all. 

It was an amazing event and it was really nice that I got to attend and listen as well as photograph.

They were sponsored by Barefoot Wine so there was free red, white and rosé. At first I didn't have any because I wanted to make sure I had all the pictures needed. A little bit later on when I had time to sit down and enjoy the radio show I was offered some wine which I couldn't resist, of course. It was goooooooooood! I am a big wine lover, I prefer white and rosé and I had quite a bit of it yesterday because it was delicious! I could hardly stop! The lovely man, Declan, who came as a representative for Barefoot Wine was so nice we are actually meeting up with him tomorrow and he is giving us wine. How amazing is that? I will write a proper blog post about Barefoot Wine later, I was very impressed!

They were also sponsored by The Cupcake Bloke who made amazing cupcakes decorated with bare man chests, gay pride flags, umbrellas and more fun stuff. They were delicious!

I thought it was a very special experience to be able to be at the live radio show and listen to all the stories. It was very touching and I'm definitely rooting for same sex marriage to be legalized!

I included the recording of the radio show if you want to have a listen:

Here I am with my fresh tan/sunburn, haha!

Here I am with my fresh tan/sunburn, haha!