Beautiful rainy days and Iron

Now the sun has really left town and the rain says hello. It's raining quite a lot, but there is nothing wrong with that! Both Ken and I have been productive around the house and have been tidying and cleaning all day. It's great! The house feels 'lighter' then or something. It's a lot more enjoyable to be home when it's cleaner.

We had a lot of fruit lying around and there were a lot of fruit flies in the kitchen! Gross! Now we've thrown out everything and are hoping for the best, which is that they leave? Like, where do they go? And where do they come from in the first place? Oh, the big questions in life.. Haha!

I'm a little bit bummed by the thought of Bettina going home tomorrow, but it'll be fine! Tonight we are having beef for dinner which I'm really excited about. I always love some beef!

Speaking of meat and stuff. I use this calorie counter MyFitnessPal (highly recommended, btw!!) on my phone that also keeps track of nutrition.
According to the app I never get enough iron in my diet! I know you get iron from meats like beef and leafs like spinach, but there is really only so much beef and spinach you can eat in one day! I usually prefer fish and chicken over dark meats with more iron, anyway. I'm suppose to reach the 100% mark of needed Iron every day, but the most I have ever gotten is maybe 55%, mostly I only get about 10-25%. I feel like it doesn't matter how much patê, beef and spinach I eat in a day it's never enough.

Does anyone know if there is any other key food that holds a lot of Iron that I'm missing out on? I'm considering getting some Iron tablets so help me out. I already take vitamin D actually, my grandma made me do it because she felt so much better after she started to use it! Especially a cold place like Norway it's not such a bad idea since we don't always get that much sun!


Unlocking Swedish mysteries and riding Zander

Yesterday Ken and I attended a dinner at my mums house with two of her friends from work. They are both Swedish and I finally learned something I've wondered my entire life. In Norway we have 'Swedish jokes' which is jokes about how stupid the Swedish are. Like: 'Why does Swedish people pee with the door open? Because they are afraid someone will peek through the keyhole'  and 'Why does Swedish people crawl on the floor in the grocery store? They are looking for the lowest prices.' There are thousands of those. Finally I found out that they have the exact same jokes about us!! I wonder who the Danish people joke about.. Maybe they joke about both Norwegians and Swedish people!

Dinner was lovely, we were served meatloaf, which I actually think I haven't had before. The Swedish guys were really impressed by Bergen's mountains. If you don't know already Bergen is between seven mountains. I always completely forget about it, I take for granted that you can just walk up mountains any day! It was also nice to hear more about Swedish culture. 

Today we were up bright and early and went to the stable. We took the bus out which takes forever, thankfully my mum was kind enough to pick us up afterwards so we only had to do it once, or else it almost takes all day! It's nice to have time for other things during the day too. Zander was in great form, but I rode him alone in the outside arena and he didn't like it so much. He would neigh all the time calling for Tarkan, Jenny's horse, he didn't like being away from him so much. It was OK, though. Especially when there came more horses in the arena everything was great! Before we left the stable we let Zander and Tarkan loose on the fields, they looked really happy!

Ken has lots of neck pains and is not feeling too good, but he's been with me on everything! Isn't it amazing? I love having him around so it makes me really happy! 

Loosing concentration a little bit because he had to call for Tarkan! 

Loosing concentration a little bit because he had to call for Tarkan! 



I can't believe it's July tomorrow. I always go all year feeling like I wait for summer and when it's here, time goes much too quickly! Especially this year because spring came so very late, there was no build up, it was really cold and the weather was bad until, literally, one day it was sunny and within hours entire Bergen was in bloom. Two days later I left for Ireland. The weather was lovely in Ireland, though, so I'm not complaining.

I think this year is the first year I've actually been sunbathing in Ireland and Norway. It was really warm. Usually I think it's too cold or too windy so I prefer not to sunbathe unless I'm in a warmer country, but this year I actually did. I love that, I look so much better with a tan, and if I spend some time in the sun I even get a few freckles, which I always love, I wish I had them all year! I always envy girls who manage to rock pale skin, though. I wish I was one of you, any form of tanning is time consuming!

Right now the weather is pretty moody. We've had bigger thunder storms the last few weeks than I've even experienced in Bergen before. It's really warm and humid and within minutes it's freezing again and it's been raining a lot the last few days. Now, I miss the warm weather and the summer feeling again. That was the great part about living in a country like Spain, you always knew what you were waking up to because it was always sunny! It pretty much never stopped! I was so impressed, you NEVER know what weather you wake up to here in Bergen. You need all sorts of different clothes to be prepared while in Gran Canaria you only needed shorts, dresses and bikinis.

Here are photos from my summer so far:)

Biffy Clyro rocks!!

Yesterday was awesome from morning to night. Well, it was sad that my grandma and Inge went home in the morning, but it was so nice to have them here! 

On our way to Bergen Fest Ken and I got a free coke each which made the day just that much better, haha! So yeah, when we arrived at Bergen Fest Jamie Cullum was playing. He seems like a funny little guy, he was really good! At some point Ken and I decided to find my friends, when we did I was surprised to see my mum hanging out with them, haha! She was working on the concert and came out to say hello to everybody so I was happy I got to see her, too! My friends are just the best. It's impossible not to have a good time with them! Most of the gang was there and it's just the best when we're together, I'm always happy the entire time!

We saw first Jamie Cullum then Rival Sons, Imagine Dragons and at last Biffy Clyro, who were the reason I got the tickets for the festival. We went to a signing with Rival Sons as well, they were really nice!

The last proper festival I went to was Glastonbury in 2010 I think which is waaaaay too long ago, I absolutely love festivals. Even though we didn't sleep over at this festival or anything I still got that festival feeling. I love going to an amazing festival, you just walk around for days with a concert high. Unless you've experienced it, I don't think you'd know what I'm talking about. It's worth experiencing for sure!

Biffy Clyro was amazing, as always. They really know how to rock out and I'd recommend seeing them. Catch them on their tour if you can!!  You can see where they are going on tour here.

Afterwards Jenny, Ken and myself went to a hotel bar in one of the nicer hotels in Bergen. In there we found some extremely chatty men, all wearing Ralph Lauren, who bought us loads of drinks, yay! All in all it was a really good night:)



Today I had the lovely pleasure of riding Zander again! It was so fun! The weather is perfect and it's just heaven riding outside! My grandma is still cleaning away, right now she has a break to cook, though! I don't know how she does it, haha! Here's some photos from a walk yesterday with wonderful Julie and from today:)

What a cutiepie! 

What a cutiepie!