Remembering 9/11

Freedom Tower and the memorial for 9/11 is something I've had yet to visit even though I've been around so many times. I already knew what it was like, but I still thought it was brutal to see the names of the victims on the memorial ground. There was also some names with a flower in them and one of the names had a packet of Reese's peanut butter cups which just made me assume that person loved it or there was a story behind it. It's really sweet and heartbreaking that they still bring their loved ones Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 13 years later. I'd recommend visiting if you can!


Views of Seville

My dad kept talking about some huge mushrooms he wanted to see. There was a lot of buildup for this and we didn't really expect what we saw. You can go on top of it for 3 euros and you get a free drink at the top. I had delicious wine. You get pretty cool views over Seville.

We also went to the top of our hotel and watched the sunset. I didn't bring my bikini up there where the pool was, the pool closed right after we had taken pictures so I was so bummed about that. The view was gorgeous, though! I also got to practice my night time shots, Ken taught me how to long exposure to make the city look illuminating.

First impression of Seville

I have wanted to go to Seville for a long time. I'm such a fan of beauty in general so when people told me it was it was the most beautiful Spanish city I obviously wanted to go. I have an old friend who I met through going to The Killers concerts who lives in Seville so I wrote to her, Julia, about what I should see and do. She wrote such a detailed list of what I should do, where I should eat and where I could stay. Thanks Julia! It was sooo helpful!

Seville is part of the Andalusian area of Spain which is where Flamenco, bullfighting and the Andalusian horse comes from. What I heard was that they were the proudest Spanish people and the most stereotypical Spanish. I love that so I was so excited to go as I hadn't been to Andalusia before.

Seville did not disappoint and definitely lived up to my high expectations. I realized soon enough that I should have more time there considering I was only there for a day. I had a blast! I can't wait to go back already!!


Our Big Travel Ahead ✈

Ken and I have have been planning this travel for almost a year now and it finally right around the corner. We are going to be away for almost 5 weeks and I'm going to blog through all of it!

Today we leave for a hotel right by the airport so we can be on time for our first flight to Lisbon tomorrow morning. I am packed and couldn't be more ready. Kind of. In one sense I have been ready for this since about March this year, in another way I've been waiting for so long that I think I've just grown custom to the waiting part and almost freak out when I see that it is almost time to go, haha, isn't it weird?


It has actually been years since I've been to countries I haven't been in before so it's long overdue that I finally see something new. As most of you would know I have been in London and New York many times, but the rest of the places are brand new and I can not wait to get busy and explore. Ken and I are meeting my dad and his girlfriend in Lisbon tomorrow, there we have rented a car which we will drive from Lisbon to Faro for James and Ciara's wedding then to Seville and back to Lisbon. From Lisbon to London and the rest of the trip will only be Ken and I.

Now I can sit back, finally have some breakfast and look forward to this incredible adventure <3

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New York: Ken Seiler

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Wexford, you're so pretty!

Today we did a weeks worth of shopping! We did the same last Tuesday! Honestly I think that a lot more economical in the long run. We got so much stuff too, I was amazed by everything we got for our money!  I really like Wexford town, I think it's a beautiful place! This picture is taken by the seafront. Main street is really beautiful too. Next time I'll try my best to capture that. There is a health store there that I love so much and apparently it's the cheapest health store in Ireland! I feel so lucky I found that place, it's so good!

Other than that we had lunch out. They have a lot of nice places to eat here in Wexford too. For such a small town, they've really made it nice for people! Often in small towns it's hard to find a place to eat, there are nice shops too! Arguineguin, where I lived in Spain, was the same too. So many nice places to eat!


Leaving New York Never Easy

On our last day in New York we visited something I hadn't heard of before. It was called the high line and used to be train tracks, but they put concrete on it and made it like a path. They had planted different plants around it, it was really nice. It's a really nice walk or just a nice place to have lunch! New York never stopped impressing me! There is just so much!


In the afternoon Louise was so kind to pick us up to drive us to the airport! I miss Louise already, she was amazing!

When we arrived at the check-in we were told that our flight was 4 hours late!! So annoying! We could've been out in Manhattan having fun, but we had to waste our time at the airport! Anyway, we got 16 dollars each on the airline because they were so late so that we could get some food. We all went to McDonalds on the airport and had some food and pretty much just sat there for 3 hours. There were free wifi, but only for 30 min which was lame!

When we came through the security to go to our gate, we heard that our plane was another hour late! I did wish to be in New York a little longer, but from now on I'll be careful what I wish for! Note to self: Never fly long distance flights with Norwegian!

We became friends with the other people who sat around us waiting for the same flight so that was really, really nice! There were two sisters from Ecuador, two Norwegian women, my dad, Ken and I and a boy who knew some magic tricks. We had our own little gang which was so nice. It made time go a little bit faster!

We were waiting forever, I have no idea how late the plane was in the end, but it was more than five hours for sure! The entire JFK had closed down, there were no other flights coming or going for the night, just us! What was pretty bad was that all the stores had closed so we had no food or water for the many hours we were stranded by the gate! In the end we finally all took off for Oslo. We had missed our connecting flight in Oslo, but thankfully we got a new flight that left almost straight away!

Then it was home to cold Bergen! We were in Bergen for about 4 days before heading off to Ireland again which is where we are now!