Cacela Velha

We drove by Cacela Velha on the way from Albufeira to Seville. It's the most gorgeous small town. I'm pretty sure I photographed every angle of this town which you can see in my blog post. It was really small. We also ate at their seemingly only cafe. I had a lovely Sandwhich and yummy ice cream.

It was one of those moments I felt so fortunate that we were driving because it was clearly a place you can't fly to or take a train to. You'd have to drive there so there probably hasn't been that many tourists there. It looked so beautiful and I'm so glad I got to see it! It was almost empty and it was just so small that it's really hard to imagine anyone living there at all.

While at the cafe I saw the biggest grasshopper ever! It was at least 12cm long and just siting on the table behind us like it's nobody's business. I was terrified it would jump on me or something, haha! The locals seemed completely fine with it and I just thought they were absolutely mad.

The Albufeira Beach

Apparently Albueira has some of the most gorgeous beaches, they did not dissappoint! They even have caves that we decided to explore. We suddenly heard noises in the cave and noticed that there were tiny crabs everywhere! They must have been standing still while we were in there and as soon as we were standing still for a moment they would crawl everywhere and make tickticktick noises. They were cute, though! 

I swam in the ocean again which felt awesome. I haven't done that for years!! It was cold and warm all at the same time, it was so refreshing, I didn't feel like I had enough time, I wish I had more time to just hang out and swim!

The gorgeous wedding in Portugal

This was one of those five star nights that only come along every once and again. I had an amazing time from start to finish. The ceremony was gorgeous and I didn't even attempt to try to hold the tears when the bride came down the aisle. She looked so gorgeous!! Afterwards there were drinks and everyone greeted everyone and lots of photos and small talk was happening.

A little later we all sat by our tables and dinner was served. I was at the best table, I think I laughed non stop though the entire dinner!! We all bet how long the speeches were going to be and I won! I won 8 euro, haha! Everyone got a small envelope with a personal message. All the girls got one from the bride and all the boys got one from the groom. It was super sweet. Everyone also got scratching cards and I won 5 euros there too, it was well cool, I should make a business out of going to weddings because it seems to be a lot of profit in it.

There were free drinks the entire time and the wine was delicious!! The band that they hired was amazing as well and there was dancing all night.

It was such a wonderful wedding and I'm so excited for James and Ciara. Congrats <3

All pictures by Ken Seiler.

First dance

First dance

Albufeira Praia

As you may have read in the previous post, this was the day I wore a bikini all day and never got to swim. This is the evening we arrived in Albufeira and it was just at sunset that I got to feel the sand under my feet and walked through the water. It was so amazing. We ended up eating pizza in the restaurant right next to the beach so we got to see the entire sunset. It was amazing. We were also happy to get some rest and get ready for the big wedding the day after this one.

Ken and I

Ken and I

My dad and I

My dad and I

Leaving Lisbon

Now I realize that it looks like we were in Lisbon for a long time, but we were only there for one and a half day. We just decided to sacrifice sleep and health to see absolutely everything we could the short time we were there. It was gorgeous.

After walking around a little bit in Lisbon it was time to head to Albufeira, south in Portugal, where we had a wedding and a beach to go to. Actually, the plan was to go to the beach in Lisbon so I put on a bikini that day, but we decided against it and decided to go to the beach in Albufeira instead considering it was only 2ish hours away. I kept my bikini on in good faith, but after many, many missed turns, unnecessary fights and wrong roads we only came to Albufeira pretty late. We strolled on the beach in the sunset, but it was a little bit too cold to want to bathe so I wore my bikini the entire day without ever getting to the beach.

When leaving Lisbon to go to Albufeira we crossed the longest bridge in Europe. It was gorgeous!

The longest bridge in Europe

The longest bridge in Europe

Picture by Ken

Picture by Ken


The place to eat sushi in Lisbon

We stumbled upon this place. It was almost too good to be true when we saw the prices. It was 15 euro for an all you can eat sushi buffet, as many starters as you'd like that were amazing and all you can drink of any drink. I had so much wine! The sushi was delicious as well so I was very happy! We were not the only ones who had discovered this place, it was sooooo popular!! We had to queue for 15-20 min to get in, but we definitely thought it was worth it. It was so full and lots of people had reserved tables so there were constantly an insane amount of people there as well as coming and going.

It's called Budda Sushi and Japanese Food.