Vintage Belle

I can't stop obsessing over this place, it's so amazing. When you go into a vintage shop you always expect really good finds and a lovely insight to fashion many years ago, however, it's not very often like that in my experience. This shop, however, is just like I described. It's perfect! It’s always exciting to go in and see what they still have and what’s new. The atmosphere in the store is great. I always feel like I’d rather live there than just visit.

You walk in and feel like you go back in time. There are so many great pieces and I so often end up buying something I can't really afford. The amazing women running the place are always friendly, very helpful and up for a chat. There are so many wearable pieces that looks cool and timeless instead of just old and grey. They really get such a variation of clothes in and their prices are reasonable and varied. You can pay anything from a fiver to hundreds of euro.

In this great store they have everything. They have shoes, hats, dresses, skirts, coats, scarfs, you name it. Ken and I got Ken's Grandma a gift there just yesterday. A few weeks ago I saw a woman trying on the most beautiful dress that she was planning on wearing to the opera. The dress looked perfect on her, I never thought to photograph her, but it was as if the dress had been tailor made for her. The fabric and the cut was just perfect and it's extra special because it's vintage.

You can find little things around in the shop like an old record player, the old Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle, dinner set, an old radio and I even found an old Breakfast at Tiffany’s metal plate to hang on the wall. Even if you have no intention of buying anything it’s worth a visit for the fun.

I’m really excited that I found this store and I hope I have some readers in Wexford or visiting Wexford that can enjoy it as much as I am. You find it on the main street in Wexford.

Miu Miu bag and Calvin Klein shoes

Miu Miu bag and Calvin Klein shoes

Brand new Stella McCartney dress. So gorgeous and so much cheaper than in the store.

Brand new Stella McCartney dress. So gorgeous and so much cheaper than in the store.


Dublin Tribute Part 1

Dublin will always have a special place in my heart. It did before I even lived there, but especially after having lived in the middle of Dublin City my love grew. Like any other city in the world it has it's own unique essence and charm that has to experienced rather than explained.

The Irish love anything Irish more than anyone on the planet which is very special and unique. Most people grow very custom to their hometown, obviously, but Irish people love Irish bread, Irish meat, Irish milk, Irish everything!

While having lived in Dublin City, I snapped loads of pictures with my phone and did lots of outfit shoots. I've put together collages with Instagram posts of spots in Dublin that are memorable or significant to Dubliners or even just very beautiful.

Plans for the Near Future

Ken and I are currently staying in Wexford in Mandy's house while Mandy is in Germany, as most of you would already know! Right before we left for Ireland something really cool happened, as some of you may not know! 

Our friend Phil is living in Dublin City with two room mates who, he told us, are moving out. He asked if we were looking for a place and if we were interested in moving in there, which we really are! If things work out right, we will be moving in to Dublin really soon!  

The reason I don't always like talking so much about it, is because things tend to change! I barely dare to make any plans whatsoever because they so easily change and quite frequently do. This plan might change too and if it does I will let you know all about it! Nothing is settled yet, but as far as I know we are moving up to Dublin really soon!  I've heard the people who live there are moving out 19th of October. I still don't know if we would move then or later.

I'm so excited for that! I've always lived a little bit outside cities, but never directly in the city which is something I've always wanted! I really hope this can happen! I'm a bit of a worrier so I go through every bad scenario in my head, I barely dare to be excited because I'm scared of being disappointed!

I really hope it will work out, though! So that's the plans for our future!  


Wexford, you're so pretty!

Today we did a weeks worth of shopping! We did the same last Tuesday! Honestly I think that a lot more economical in the long run. We got so much stuff too, I was amazed by everything we got for our money!  I really like Wexford town, I think it's a beautiful place! This picture is taken by the seafront. Main street is really beautiful too. Next time I'll try my best to capture that. There is a health store there that I love so much and apparently it's the cheapest health store in Ireland! I feel so lucky I found that place, it's so good!

Other than that we had lunch out. They have a lot of nice places to eat here in Wexford too. For such a small town, they've really made it nice for people! Often in small towns it's hard to find a place to eat, there are nice shops too! Arguineguin, where I lived in Spain, was the same too. So many nice places to eat!


We'll soon get a visitor from Ireland

Ken's sister Marie is coming to visit us soon, I'm really excited! She's coming here to stay 3rd of August for a whole week! She'll be the first one of Ken's family to visit us and I know that means a lot to Ken. She runs a music school in Ireland and actually was my piano teacher for a while there. She thought me some new techniques that helped me a lot with my piano playing.

She's a super talented musician and a great singer! Here's a video Ken made for her music school a long time ago:

We are probably going to take her up some mountains, see Edward Grieg's house and see the aquarium in Bergen. Other than that just see a few locations like Bryggen or whatever she wants to do! Maybe I'll cook some traditional Norwegian meals or something! I'm excited either way!


I can't believe it's July tomorrow. I always go all year feeling like I wait for summer and when it's here, time goes much too quickly! Especially this year because spring came so very late, there was no build up, it was really cold and the weather was bad until, literally, one day it was sunny and within hours entire Bergen was in bloom. Two days later I left for Ireland. The weather was lovely in Ireland, though, so I'm not complaining.

I think this year is the first year I've actually been sunbathing in Ireland and Norway. It was really warm. Usually I think it's too cold or too windy so I prefer not to sunbathe unless I'm in a warmer country, but this year I actually did. I love that, I look so much better with a tan, and if I spend some time in the sun I even get a few freckles, which I always love, I wish I had them all year! I always envy girls who manage to rock pale skin, though. I wish I was one of you, any form of tanning is time consuming!

Right now the weather is pretty moody. We've had bigger thunder storms the last few weeks than I've even experienced in Bergen before. It's really warm and humid and within minutes it's freezing again and it's been raining a lot the last few days. Now, I miss the warm weather and the summer feeling again. That was the great part about living in a country like Spain, you always knew what you were waking up to because it was always sunny! It pretty much never stopped! I was so impressed, you NEVER know what weather you wake up to here in Bergen. You need all sorts of different clothes to be prepared while in Gran Canaria you only needed shorts, dresses and bikinis.

Here are photos from my summer so far:)