Our Big Travel Ahead ✈

Ken and I have have been planning this travel for almost a year now and it finally right around the corner. We are going to be away for almost 5 weeks and I'm going to blog through all of it!

Today we leave for a hotel right by the airport so we can be on time for our first flight to Lisbon tomorrow morning. I am packed and couldn't be more ready. Kind of. In one sense I have been ready for this since about March this year, in another way I've been waiting for so long that I think I've just grown custom to the waiting part and almost freak out when I see that it is almost time to go, haha, isn't it weird?


It has actually been years since I've been to countries I haven't been in before so it's long overdue that I finally see something new. As most of you would know I have been in London and New York many times, but the rest of the places are brand new and I can not wait to get busy and explore. Ken and I are meeting my dad and his girlfriend in Lisbon tomorrow, there we have rented a car which we will drive from Lisbon to Faro for James and Ciara's wedding then to Seville and back to Lisbon. From Lisbon to London and the rest of the trip will only be Ken and I.

Now I can sit back, finally have some breakfast and look forward to this incredible adventure <3

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