A Little Bergen Summary

I was only in Bergen for four full days, but I managed to pack quite a bit into those days. Seeing all my friends was long overdue, it was comforting and made me happy to spend time with them again. I also got to spend time with family and got to take a trip with Karoline to the stable. Although being extremely sleep deprived yet still waking up at 6.45 in the morning, every morning, feeling like I had been hit by a truck (why is that?!), I had the most special time in my little city. Bergen somehow always changes yet always is the same when coming back. It gives a feeling of solidarity, the changes are never too big. Although I'm not planning on moving back to Bergen at the moment I can't quite let go either. I appreciate the Bergenites need for tradition and perseverance more than ever. It used to be annoying while living there, but now I appreciate that my little city never really changes even though it got it's first Starbucks not too long ago and now there is two. The roles of the people, the spirit, the passion for the football team, the many wooden houses and traditions hasn't changed, even a little.

I was pretty good at remembering to bring my camera everywhere. I actually often forget, but this time I couldn't rely on Ken or anything so I just had to. Thankfully I have many cosy pictures that I will appreciate in the future too now and I get to make semi-decent blog posts with snippets from my life and vision.

The Bergen Charm

Considering I hadn't been in Bergen for so long I decided I wanted to go for a walk in the city and see the old houses again and just take time to take all of Bergen in. I couldn't think of a better person to do this with than my grandpa. He is a real bergenite and knows everything about the old houses and boats. He is the perfect guide because he has one of those brains where information just sticks (unlike mine).

He has lived in the same house for as long as I can remember and I hadn't been there in so long so it was great seeing it again. He also made the most delicious lunch .

It's Good To Be Back

I left Ireland to go to Bergen yesterday. It's been almost two years since last time and everything seems familiar, safe and home-y again.

I spent yesterday with my mum having fish-cakes and going through some of my things that I used to have and I'm bringing with me back to Ireland. I had forgotten about so many things that I am happy to see again.

I spent today hiking up Ulrikken. It was just the challenge I needed! It's always nice to spend time with Jenny, of course. I was excited when she asked if I was up for a hike. Great start to my mini-vacation here in Bergen. Bergen look especially beautiful from the top of Ulrikken. Later I'm seeing Jenny again, as well as Karoline. Karoline is baking a cake and we are keeping her company. I'm really excited to see her too!