About my blog...

My ‘Soap Opera’ blog got some backlash. One person didn’t like that I called it ‘Wexford people’ describing them as mean which is actually understandable. People from Wexford are some of the loveliest I’ve met so it’s a bit of a misrepresentation to call it that. Having lived in cities and in country sides, people who live in the country side tend to be a lot more involved in other peoples lives. People who live in cities are too busy hustling. Obviously it’s not about Wexford people at all, I’ve met some of the loveliest people here. I’d like everyone who has opinions about that blog post to keep in mind that I’m not airing anyones personal laundry. It’s anonymous to protect them and the only people who knows who it’s about is me and them so unless they tell people it’s about them, no one can know. I’m going to be authentic and not hold back to consider peoples feelings like that because at the end of the day they don’t care one bit how I’ve been hurt. The blog is not for their eyes but for my own self expression so I’m not censoring myself for others comfort. I’m telling you snippets of things that’s happened to me and putting a humoristic spin on it by calling it a soap opera plot. It’s suppose to be funny and surprise you and I really enjoyed writing it.

Now, let me tell you. If you liked that blogpost you can buckle the fuck up because I have plenty of raw, authentic and true posts coming out. I have loads of more good stories to tell you about the people I’ve encountered lately and I also have a really good theory as to why they’ve happened. I’ll get to that later.

Here’s a brand new story about a guy down the street: My 15 year old neighbour went to the beach near by with her dogs and this guy (40-something years old) happened to be at the beach when she went down. One her dogs started barking at this him and his girlfriend and his girlfriend started throwing rocks at the dog to make it stop. The guy started getting worked up, my neighbour tried to walk down the beach to get the dogs to follow her and leave the couple alone, but then she saw that the guy was about to kick her dog so she stepped in between him and the dog (like the real hero she is, you go girl). He in return hit her in the face with his workout handle-bar-thing that he had. She got really scared and hurt and ran home. I actually saw her right after balling her eyes out on her way home. So her parents were furious and went up to his house and cursed him out and I know they went to the police about it, but I don’t know if they pressed charges. A while later this guy took her or her parents, I’m not sure about those details, to court for trespassing!! Let me put this clear for you. A man hit a 15 year old girl in the face and then takes her family to court for trespassing. Nuts right? I have loads more stories about him, maybe some other time I will tell some.

I’ll have a few good stories about my haunted house as well that I’m quite scared to tell because it stopped and I don’t want to put more focus on it in case it wants to start being haunted again! I went for good-bye drinks yesterday with my favourite American. I’ve only known Rachel for about a year, but we hit it off straight away and she’s one of my favourite people ever. I’m so happy for her that she gets to go home to her family, though.