Girls Trip


Ok, this blogpost is so delayed. I was in Budapest in March, but as you can tell, I'm not the most active blogger anymore. I want to get back into it a bit more, but I have been so insanely busy creating my other business and working so this blog has taken a back seat. Photographing and fashion will never ever leave my field of interests, I've been following the Met gowns all day, but hey, I've needed to take a small break to make room for something else. 

When something grand happens I still like to write about it and post my photos from it and that's how this trip felt. Grand. It's the first time all of my girlfriends have come together for a trip! We are already planning our next trip so this will definitely be an annual thing. We went to Budapest together!! It never feels old, stale, forced or strange to be around these girls, no matter how many miles there are between us and how long it's been since we've seen each other. It always feels fun, exciting, safe, normal and fresh all at the same time. Budapest turned out to be an amazing city.  I had a blast and I so enjoyed seeing a new place! We had whole days planned of fun stuff and there was literally never a dull moment. I slept about 4 hours each night and never rested, we just kept on coming up with new stuff to do, I also enjoyed myself so much that I never felt tired, how amazing it that! I hope you've enjoyed all the pictures and we'll catch up more soon, promise :)