Staying Fit The Second Month Into The New Year

New Years Resolutions? Always. Never. Either. Both. Neither. 

I don't take them too seriously.. I haven't spoken about them on my blog yet this year. I usually come up with a few. This year I decided to do something different. I decided not to set a goal for the year considering a year is such a long time. I know for a fact that I didn't think much about my resolutions in August last year - or April for that matter. This year I set three goals, only, for the next three months. I wrote them down and check on them often, still. I'm excited to say I'm right on target! They include reading at least three books, save a certain amount of money and focus on my healthy eating and exercise. I know the exercise thing seems old, worn and not exciting anymore, but I still want to include it on the list. I always need to keep up with my healthy eating and exercise and one of the things that inspire me the most is cute exercise gear and wear. I got myself some new exercise outfits earlier in the year that I have loved and I decided that I wanted to share some cute outfits with you as well - in the spirit of continuing fitness goals in the second month of the year. I made a list of super cute Fabletics pieces that I found on their website. Serious outfit goals. 

Blue Shorts - Tights - Sports Bra - Grey Print Jacket - Grey Jacket - Peach Top - Black Jacket - Bottle 

I can swift through the Fabletics website all day, seriously. I love their stuff and will be ordering sooner rather than later. I also love going to their site, even only for fitspiration, because they personalise what you see on the page by asking you simple questions before you start looking. Questions like; what's your favourite way to get fit, what's your favourite colours and what's your size. They alway pick out the cutest outfits that suit my taste and needs. I'm also a big Kate Hudson fan and love seeing her model the clothes and love seeing her 'picks'. I follow Kate on Snapchat and see her open Fabletics packages all the time which makes me inspired and jealous.