Oslo trip

Recently I had a very emotionally necessary and short trip back to Norway. There has been a lot of changes in my life recently and going back for a little bit seemed to be exactly what I needed! 


I stayed for two nights with my dad and three nights with Jenny. Jenny always makes the prettiest breakfast tables so it had to be photographed, yet again. We spent the days hanging out  and going out in Oslo. We rewatched old episodes of New Girl and bitched about things needing bitching about and whatnot. It was awesome as it always is with my girl. 


We went to a Christmas market in Oslo. It would have been so awesome if it had been snowing, but it didn't. Instead it was just slippery and insanely cold. That didn't stop us from having the best time obviously. In the end neither of us ended up buying anything or eating anything, but y'know, it was still fun and all!