Long Time No See

I haven't blogged all that much this year which feels weird. So much has happened that I haven't told you about; I started a new job as a dog walker (Happy Dogs United) and that is what has been consuming all my time. I used to write every day, but after I started working a lot I got so consumed in what I was doing that I quit every other project. Now I have a few days without work and something happened recently that took quite a bit out of me. It had a happy ending, but I started wondering if I even wanted to continue working with dogs at all. Now as my feet has been planted very harshly back on the planet and I've taken about two steps back from my dog walking for a breather, I find that I miss writing and other things that make me me. I'm a really passionate person and when I start something, like my dog walking, I pretty much see nothing else. I've loved it so much and I know I will love it again, but after the little hiccup I had I lost enthusiasm and joy for my job. Part of the reason that happened was because I cared so much about what I did and I was so proud of what I did so it was like a kick to the gut when it happened. I am working this weekend and on one hand I'm not excited about it, on the other hand I literally can't wait because I need to feel the joy again.

Speaking of joy, I definitely feel joy sitting here in silence writing this. I attended a wedding in Galway last weekend. I will never understand people/characters in American TV shows, they always talk about how much they hate weddings. I always have fun at weddings! If I feel like it's a bit of a slow night, I make it my mission and priority to make it a great night. I love catching up with people I don't see all that often, I love dancing and I love getting up to shenanigans. Free food doesn't hurt either. I included the photo booth photos from the wedding as photography is also something I have down prioritized lately. Like writing, I kind of feel like photographing again now. When I feel amazing about dog walking again I'll try not to shelf the camera and my notebook all together again. I missed this. I've also been very busy doing courses this year. The first three months of the year I did a Creative Writing Course with Oxford University, the next three months I did Dog Psychology and Dog Training and now I'm doing Dog Care. I really want to feel qualified to work with dogs. When the courses end I will blog a little more and have a little more time. I really want to photograph the dress from the wedding because it was so gorgeous, but I never took one full size photo!! I brought the camera for the wedding, but turns out the memory card was left behind which gave me a feeling of wanting to jump of a building. Ah well.

In other news, considering we are catching up and all, I've become a vegetarian and I feel really good about my decision. I haven't eaten meat in almost three months now and it's surprisingly easy. First of all you can get meat substitutes like quorn so that your dinner plate will still look exactly the same and you can still have burgers. I don't eat quorn at all, I haven't had one quorn meal since I became a vegetarian, but I appreciate the option a lot. I guess it's like knowing someone is there for you, you don't necessarily talk to them about your issue(s), but knowing that you can is enough. Get me? Like, if the mood really strikes I can always have quorn, but so far I haven't actually wanted meat at all. Secondly there are so many delicious meals that doesn't include meat. I feel, actually, really great about eating, knowing that I'm not eating anything dead. Maybe you can argue that fruit and vegetable is dead when you pick it, but I mean a dead conscious being. I wasn't aware how much lighter and better I would feel by not eating meat.

Another thing I should catch you up on is that Ken has adopted a new dog. Harley is her name and she is half German Shepherd, Half Pomeranian and 100% adorable. That was a very cheesy thing to say.. I hate when people say stuff like that, but now I did it too so I have to get behind it somehow. I'll tell you her story at some stage, but not today. Now I've caught you up on everything major that has happened lately, I think. I'm sure I'm forgetting a whole bunch of stuff, but that's a risk I'm willing to take and I will not wait three months to make another blog! Promise x