Belfast Trip

I went to Belfast last weekend. I've loved Belfast since I first went there and I always enjoy going back. It was a little bitter sweet to be there this time because last time I was there I was with my grandma and we walked past spots where took photos together. I think it's one of the last times I spent time with her before she became ill. She was one of my favourite women in the world so I still have a hard time with the fact that she is gone. This was Holly's first time to Belfast which made it very special. I love traveling with her, she's actually a great traveler, she's so calm and have become so trusting. Ken and I went to see Ken's favourite band (/artist?) Mark Tremonti. It was his first time seeing him so I was so excited for him. Mark Tremonti is the lead guitarist from Alter Bridge and Creed and turned out to be a wonderful song writer on his own so he is now touring with his own band. The concert was great, a lot of headbangers and a mosh pit which always scares me. Even though I must have been close to hundreds of mosh pits they never fail to scare me! I really enjoyed hearing the songs I've heard so many times live. Ken and I met them afterwards which was great fun as well. Ken got to meet his hero which made me happy. This trip was one of those trips that went well in the end, but had so many trials to get there. Everything from ordering tickets to meeting them went wrong. Things went wrong, but they were always fixable, but eeeeverything came at a price. I suppose it almost made me enjoy each experience more because we had to work seriously hard to get there! Nothing was easy on the trip, but my god, I had such a great time. Even just hanging out on the train was lovely. Holly always draws a crowd which makes me meet so many interesting, lovely and some strange people. However, I actually always enjoy talking to people and listening to their stories about their dogs. When you commit to just listen to people, the most amazing things come out. People tell me about their loss, trials, illnesses, happiness, sadness, cuddle times, how their dogs came into their lives and so on. I actually love seeing photos of other peoples dogs. It blows my mind how animals brings people together and can even make strangers bond. I learn so much from other people's stories.

Has anyone else noticed how many dead birds are lying around these days? There are literally dead birds everywhere, it's not normal. Is it a solstice thing? Is it a thing occurring everywhere? I don't know what's going on. I got stung by a huge brown insect today. I didn't like it much. My first reaction, even though I was alone (with Holly and one other dog) was "Awwww, why would you dooo thaaat???" In a terrified almost crying voice. Like... Who reacts like that?! Who talks to insects? Me, that's who...  It hurt, though. I tried to flick it away, but it's body, kind of, bounced while it's head was still stuck to me. So gross. Second time I flicked I got it off me. It stung me outside my tights.. It's not normal.