Girls in Oslo - Nightime Edition

In the evening, after having spent the whole day with Jenny, Marit came to spend some time with us as well. She was running in an annual race in Oslo the day after so she wasn't drinking much. Jenny and I were convinced we'd get her drunk eventually, but she didn't budge. To be fair, I never really felt drunk enough to go out-out either, even thought I must have drank a whole bottle and a half of wine. It was just one of those days when no matter what you drink you'll, unhappily, stay sober. Jenny was the only one who was feeling larger than life. She was chatting to everyone while Marit and I made fun of insanely hilarious people dancing. They actually got everyone else dancing as well, they were so funny. Some people came up to us outside the bar and asked about how long we had known each other because by the way we were communicating we looked like we went way back, which is true. I just never would have guessed it was noticeable, especially considering we never spoke to them before they told us that, they could just see it.

At some point during the night a man spoke to me and Marit, he was sitting right behind us and he was saying something about Oslo that I couldn't hear, then I said something about being a Bergen tourist in Oslo and I told him that we were Bergen tourists in Oslo too. He was sitting with a girl and she started saying that we shouldn't pay attention to him and just ignore him to which he replied that we should just ignore her because she had been in and out of psychiatric hospital so many times. I started laughing straight away and looked at her assuming he was joking, but she was kind of avoiding eye contact and said "not that many times." That nearly killed me. Later on, I recognized the guy behind the bar because he used to work in a club in Gran Canaria when I lived there. He was so appreciative that I told him I recognized him. When I left he even gave me a high five from behind the bar and told me that he'd see me soon, "real soon!" I didn't have the heart to tell him that the chances of us even meeting at all were so slim that we were likely to never ever see each other again. So random, though! At least he said he was very happy here, happier than in Gran Canaria which is hard to believe, Gran Canaria is paradise.

After coming home we smoked and chatted until the sun came up. <3