Girls in Oslo - Daytime Edition

I traveled to Norway a few days ago and have had a very tight schedule. My dad got married recently so when I arrived in Norway he picked me up at the airport and we spent three days together. Him, Ana (his wife), my grandmas husband and myself that is. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph anything at all. We had such a great time and went out to eat quite a few times so I wish I had at least photographed something.. Ah well. After having seen him I traveled to Oslo to spend time with Jenny. Herself and her boyfriend has bought a great Oslo city apartment that I was so excited to finally see. It felt wonderful to spend time with Jenny and catch up. We went shopping together and ended up buying the exact same dress. The shop assistant was wondering if we were going to be bridesmaids, but we happen to be going to two different weddings at the same time and have similar taste. It was pretty special to be able to spend the whole day together, I don't think we've done that since we were teens or traveled together. I was ecstatic to have some girl time in Oslo. Oslo, of course, never disappoints. I love the food in Oslo, I feel like I can always count on quality and taste on the food in the restaurants.

After our shopping day, Marit came and joined us for the evening, but more about that later.. <3