Cuban Vibes

There is something about Cuba that fascinates me so much. I mean, I always loved Buena Vista Social Club, I listened to them since I was a kid. Ever since my dad went there and told me all about it I've been fascinated. He brought home Cuban cigars and art work that hangs in my living groom. Cubans aren't allowed to leave Cuba which raises so many questions for me considering I live in the western world where we travel all over the place and that shapes us. I wonder what shapes them the most without having any experience of anywhere else. I decided to include some photos taken in Cuba that I thought were so gorgeous.

None of these pictures are mine.

I've been having a wonderful time lately. It's starting to get sunny and amazing out so I spend a lot of time outside on the beach. Spring feels so good. I had a great few days in Dublin. I brought Holly and I was so happy with the pet friendly hotel. Ken and I went to see Muse in the evening. They were so amaze, it was a happy reunion, I haven't seen them in over a year, I think. They certainly hadn't forgotten how to blow me away anyway. The next day Ken, Holly and I just spent the whole day going from cafe to cafe and park to park and walked around Dublin. It was so amazing! I want more of that. I had the best time. I will share some pictures from the trip later.