Memory Monday

Hi beautiful readers <3

I light a fire every night, it's so cosy, but the wind outside is, like, pushing the smoke in waves into the living room! How annoying! The smell gives me a headach so then I have to open windows to make it go out again which means that it's cold again real quick! I wish there was a way to prevent the smoke from coming in, I'm going to get on googling that. It's also so windy outside that everything is rattling and when I'm out all I can see is my hair because it's constantly in my face. Rain, sun clouds, it's all great apart from wind. It's always a nuisance.

I went to Ikea and bought a new office chair. It's so comfortable and pretty. I wanna sit in it all day long. I take it upon myself to spread the word of comfort. Other than that it's 1st of February. February is the coolest month there is, this time around I'm turning 24. I'm noticing how it becomes increasingly scary to think about my new age every year, yet, I think I should be all chill about it because when I turn 30 I'm going to think back and say "Remember how I felt uncomfortable going from 23 to 24?" No point, right?