Important updates

Happy new year! Most years I would have already made many lists of realizations, reflections, goals, dreams, accomplishments for the old year and the new. So far this year I have been so busy working and whatnot that I haven't done, or wanted to do, any of it. I've had such a great and peaceful Christmas and New Year celebration. My dad was here the entire time which was amazing. I'm completely hooked to Parks and Recreation. It's hilarious. I also started Westworld which is interesting. I'm watching it with Ken and he already has eight theories and possible outcomes for the show. He's probably correct, somehow, with all of them.

I feel like the fact that David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman and Harper Lee died in 2016 made me feel like I died a little as well. It was weird to see Love Actually knowing that Alan Rickman is actually dead. Carrie Fisher was the coolest woman ever and her dog is really cute. Harper Lee, Leonard Cohen and David Bowie all changed my life. Rest in peace.

I will try to do more outfit posts. I shop so much second hand lately, I love it so much. I love finding clothes that has already been owned and worn by someone and had a life.

Also, I became vegan recently. I love it. Have you noticed how vegans often take it their lifestyle choice extremely seriously? Vegan starter pack: an extremely judgemental attitude for anyone who doesn't eat and live like them, puts the word 'vegan' in their Instagram bio, preach about veganism any chance they get, hate in the comments on anything posted anywhere on the internet that isn't about veganism, use the hashtag #vegan and #veganbody any chance they get, a hunger to prove that vegans can do anything, defensiveness against anything non-vegan especially non-vegan comments of any kind, an unending lust to talk about them being vegan. Some even wear t-shirts that says 'vegan'. Long story short, I think vegans give veganism a bad rep. It's just a simple choice not to eat animals or animal products. I can't say I will never do any of those vegan things, but I will enjoy learning new recipes and enjoy not preaching unless asked. Other than that, I have to say it's pretty amazing, ha!

May you receive everything you need and wish for in 2017 <3