My Favorite Coffee Table Books

Ken had ordered the first edition of Humans of New York Stories for me for Christmas. I'm not sure why, but it took forever for it to arrive, it finally got here and I'm so excited! it's going straight onto the table with my favorite coffee table books.

I love reading every persons story. When you walk on the streets of New York you can, literally, see a million people in one day. If you sit down a look at them it can almost seem like they are in 2D, you have never talked to them so obviously you haven't unlocked their story. They are like unopened boxes. That's what I love about this book. It's like he unlocks them and they become 3D. It makes me look at the people in New York differently because I start imagining their story instead of leaving them entirely unopened. Whether the story I make up for them resembles their real story is irrelevant, but it reminds me to be filled with compassion for every person because they all have a story, a strength, a weakness, a true love, parents and so on. This book reminds me how amazing that is and how different someones story can be from mine.

You can find it here.