Today is my greatest adventure - 2016 -

This book is so neat. It has a calendar for me to keep track of everything I do, weekly planner, extra pages for notes and an address book. We're only 10 days into 2016 and I don't know how I lived all the way through 2015 without it, I use it religiously.

Holly and I have upped our walking routine and is walking on average two hours a day now. I'm so eager to get a new scan of her heart to see how it's going. Good thing is that it's still going at all, she's in tip top shape. It's great because the beach is so amazing looking nowadays. Some days there isn't any beach at all because the tide is in and so big, but now the tide is out and the water is pretty calm so it's nice hang out by the beach. Quite social too, I sometimes meet the whole neighborhood, I feel, and we all chat and watch our dogs play.

On my free time I enjoy reading as usual, but sometimes I really feel like binge watching a show. I binge watched Downton Abbey in November. It was so good! Somewhat expected because it's so popular and somewhat unexpected because I was convinced it would be too tame for me considering it was set in the 20s and stuff, but my god. It's not the least tame!! Quite the opposite! Anyway, my point that I was going to make is that every show I try to watch lately seems so boring. I can't get into anything. I'm re-watching Friends right now and thankfully it's keeping me entertained. I actually laugh out loud, like, all the time even though I watch it all alone. I'm in a huge Nutella phase so I eat it with a spoon while watching Friends. Didn't I say today was going to be my greatest adventure?


I got the Born To Die Paradise edition Vinyl by my dad for Christmas. I love it so much. It's even gorgeous as decor. I didn't wish for it for Christmas so I thought my dad was so clever for thinking of it. I have just started to read Catcher in the Rye. Considering it's such a classic I'm really excited to find out what I'm in for. I will be reading it in front of the fire while enjoying a fine Prosecco I received from my neighbors, yum!