Worldwide Giveaway!! - The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior

I'm really excited to giveaway this gem! It's a must on every fashionista's coffee table. It's such a charming book! I would recommend it to anyone who has a fascination with style and fashion like me. I'm so lucky to give this hardback to one lucky winner. In one month the winner will be announced here on the blog so tune in.

Some may not know, but when I pick a winner I do actually check that they have followed every instruction. If they have not, they are disqualified and the prize goes to someone else. It's easy enough to cheat, but I will know. On a more positive note anyone in the world can enter and I can't wait to read your lovely comments and pick a winner.


I just now decided to turn of Disqus and have a "normal" comments system inbuilt in the website. That instantly deletes all Disqus comments, but I still have the comments of the people who have commented already. Thank you for the kind comments, keep 'em coming <3