Freud had a point?

I decided on glitter. Feeling it? I am.

The weather is gorgeous here nowadays which makes my dog walks with Holly joyful and slightly longer then when it's cold and rainy. I'm focusing on her a lot lately, we are working on her of leash walking. She, kind of, walks better off leash, but I never dear to challenge it in traffic even though she always listens to me. She got a bath today, she doesn't like them at all, but she tolerates it and afterwards I told her she was "soooooo good!" which made her excited and proud!

I'm reading a book, at the moment, that is about relationships and relationship patterns. It is essentially how to grow as two people in the relationship and have a fulfilling and happy one, but the first chapters is all about how you choose partners who resemble your parents which makes me cringe! There is definitely something to it, but my god. Ew. Apparently you subconsciously choose partners who resemble your parents because you need them to heal your childhood wounds. The idea is that you are whole at birth but your caretaker (parent) will always wound you in some way or another. For example; if your parent is very critical of things you do, you choose someone who is critical of the same things, still longing for that person to validate you because if they do you will be whole again. It makes sense, we've all seen it, not so much in ourselves, but rather a friend you know really well who gets into certain "bad" relationships over and over with people just like their parents. It's pretty interesting, I'm just getting past the part about the power struggles, parents, resentments, breakups and so on and on to the part about communication, connection, sex and caring for each other, thank god. I'm a little over half way through the book, hopefully I have a lot more to tell you when I finish it!