I have an obsession with this Mango tea. It's so good! It's a blend between black tea, dried Mango bits and a little bit of sugar. My grandma and I buy it at a really cute tea shop that only sells tea, coffee, cups and accessories for tea and coffee making. No other Mango tea can compare, honestly! I enjoyed it while reading the September issue of Vogue on my iPad. How great does Beyoncé look on the cover of the September Issue this year? Such a cosy morning! I wish every morning was like this.

I topped the morning by eating pancakes with cheese inside and Maple Syrup on top. It's apparently a normal way of making pancakes in the Philippines. It's seriously delicious. Holly has had her morning walk, she has been fed so the rest of the day I can work on my blog. I'm going to launch my giveaway so soon, I promise! I know I've talked about it for a while, but things came up. It's actually happening real soon. Tonight I'm having a lasagna night with Ken, we have been watching Buffy together lately so hopefully we can do that tonight as well. It's on Netflix which is always the perfect opportunity to watch something. I've never watched it before, but apparently it's a whole 90's phenomenon. I'm already a big fan of Joss Whedon, who wrote it, so I already knew I was likely to like it and I really do.