Last July I Did This...

I think we can all agree that life is a peculiar thing. One of my favorite pastimes when I'm not doing anything in particular is to think about how I got where I got. My life has never been predictable, not even for a moment. Most of the time I am enjoying the ride immensely, other times it can be a little frightening, but I always end up determent to do the things I want to, to reach new limits and seeing my dreams come true. So many of my dreams have come true already and they just continue to do so.

This blog post was inspired by the blogger Cath In The City who makes posts called "this time last year". She is one of my favourite bloggers and she posts such great photos.

As we are getting closer to August I was thinking about where I currently am this summer. When I think about that my mind inevitably goes to where I was last summer. Browsing my blog I decided to make a post about what I spent my time doing last July.

I used to live in the middle of Dublin City which obviously called for many restaurant visits and exciting events. It had long been a dream of mine to live in the city and last year I was living my dream. I realize that it sounds like I am not living my dream anymore as I'm not living in the city, but that's not the case. I'm living a different dream, just not that one, I will get to that later. My favorite thing to do in the city was to sit on our little terrace listening to the rain. We used to live right next to a well known gay bar which I loved because there was so much buzz and fuss around, especially on the weekends. Some people don't like the loud night-life city sounds, but I do. In fact, my heart belongs to the night-life city sounds. We used to live next to the best sushi restaurant in Dublin which was also a dream in itself. We lived about 2 minutes from the famous Temple Bar, 1 minute from big shopping centers, it was always exciting.

Now everything is different. I live on the country side and I have a dog. Neither of which I ever saw coming. I've become friends with the neighbors and I'm ready to travel more. While living in the city I didn't travel abroad once, which is completely out of the usual to be me. I weigh about 7 kg less now than when I lived in the city. I definitely eat better and exercise more which is forever my goal. I live in a truly beautiful and spacious home which was a dream of mine for the longest time. I can actually decorate this nicely and make it gorgeous! So fun! I live right next to a beach and I can see the ocean from my office, kitchen and bedroom window. I mean, how lucky am I?

Life is just so different and I never see all the chances coming. I am so thankful because it lets me be ever growing.

Anyway, the pictures sum up perfectly how I spent last July.