Coconut water freshness

This lovely Sunday morning has been terribly stormy. Poor Holly isn't enjoying the weather very much and neither am I, I was hoping for a nice long walk today, but it will be a few short walks instead. The ocean is pretty wild, it's always nice to observe it from my office window.

Ken bought some pure coconut water while we were in Bray the other day. I'm trying to make friends with the taste, it's kind of peculiar, but not at all bad. I kind of enjoy the coolness, but not sure if I love the taste. I figured if I drink some ice coconut water I might end up enjoying it eventually. It's so good for you so I'm persistent on making coconut water my friend.

Ken and I went up to Bray with Holly last Wednesday because Holly needed a little surgery. Holly still had her canine baby teeth as well as her adult teeth and they were too close to each other, her baby teeth wouldn't fall out, poor thing. She pulled them and the vet visit and surgery went very smoothly. She was slightly confused and startled after her anesthetic, but she is the strongest soul I know and was back to her usual, energetic self in no time. She is actually a big inspiration of mine when it comes to how strong she is, how loyal she is and how she accepts every human and animal with joy and with presence because she lives in the now exclusively. She keeps teaching me a lot about life and I have never regretted adopting her and making her one of the biggest parts of my life.

I have also prepared myself for my Norway trip. I'm so looking forward to one of my best friends wedding, it will be very special. I can't wait to see Bergen again, as well, after almost two years!! I have bought a dress and I am very ready. I had a blast hosting my giveaway as well. I'm actually looking for something else to giveaway. I have something in mind that I would be very excited about. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me, I know I haven't been the most frequent blog-posterer lately, I've started concentrating more on quality over quantity. I always prefer a post I'm truly proud of for everyone to see rather than just small talk about what I ate that day. It gets dull, even I don't enjoy those as much, so I want to write better and take better photos for you, always. So I'll spend a little more time on improving my posts. I really enjoyed making my make-up tutorial. I'm very happy with it and proud of it, it took a long time, but so worth it. I also have a strict no phone pictures on my blog, I concentrate more on every picture being beautiful and unique.

I have shot an outfit post for Friday that I am excited to share with you, I also look forward to make new and great content.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday! Ken and I have a date-night in tonight with some take-away and a movie. I'm looking forward to it!