What's In My Carry-on Bags

Today I am off to Norway! I left super early in the morning and I've just checked in my luggage. I figured in todays post I would share with you what I bring in my carry-ons.

Obviously I dispose of the water and almonds before the security check, but from where I live there is first a 2 hour bus drive and then some wait to check in. You can see my little make-up bag there as well. It's my little emergency kit that I will show you. I must have had that pink little bag since I was 13. It's so handy I love it.

I love my very own Emily-hairbrush, it's adorable and super handy. It's almost always with me! Ken got me the worry doll because I worry too much, I think you are meant to hold it and let your worries go. I usually bring it with me as a healthy reminder to stop stressing. The concealer is from Body Shop, it's been in my bag for a while so the label is a big torn, but the product is essential. So good if I need to cover something up while on my travel. I have a tendency to get blisters on my heels so I try to carry a heal plaster with me just in case.

In my actual carry-on I always bring a good cardigan or big sweater as well as a big scarf. There is nothing worse than a flight that is just too cold so I'm always prepared. I bring my camera in my carry-on because I might see something nice to photograph, but usually I don't photograph anything while on my travel so I don't need it in my handbag. Obviously my computer is with me and iPad as well. I never use either in flight so I leave them there. I bring a bigger portable charger in case of emergency as well, that one can charge my phone several times while the small one in my handbag will charge it full once. I bring my glasses everywhere, but I wear lenses if I'm active somehow like I am when traveling. I often read two books at once so I leave one there too.


That's it! What's in your carry-on? Am I missing anything?