Interior Tuesday - Thrift Store Find

Ken had been out with his mother the other day and they had visited a thrift store and found this piece that they got for me! I need to clean it a little and Ken will make a hook behind it (or something) so that we can hang it on the wall, but isn't it perfect? She looks like she was painted at one of Gatsby's parties. She will hang right there on the wall above out little liquor cabin. I really wanted something long there, but I had no idea what and this just fit like a hand in a glove. The little porcelain vintage ashtray with a horse on it that you see right in front of the painting I also believe is a thrift store find. It's so unique and pretty and I gift from my mum. I love thrift stores more now than every before, I usually always find something special while before I wasn't as interested. The black and white Mickey Mouse that you see is a soft toy Ken got at Disney Land. The big dice you see on my liquor cabin, I bought in the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The blue glass ball used to be in my teenage bedroom as decoration as well, it's an old Ikea piece.  On the second photo you also see a painting that Ken and I bought on the streets in Seville of a Spanish dancer. We are not quite sure where to hang her yet.. Right above her you see the invitation to my beautiful friend, Helene's, wedding. Ken and I will attend in August. I can't wait!

I love how our house is coming together and that we get to display all our favourite memories with some great thrift store finds.