I'm currently enjoying some chocolate, pinterest inspiration and Josh Homme's hour on the new iTunes radio. He's playing some classics and some songs I've never heard and it makes me really understand where he got his inspiration for Queens of the Stone Age.

Ken's birthday is coming up and I always make a big-ish deal out of it. I don't necessarily throw a party, although I've done that too, but I make his favorite foods and buy gifts and little surprises so the planning has already started. Especially because I have to bake a sugar free cake this year. Ken, my big inspiration, has stopped eating sugar all together. First of all I don't even like to bake, second I know very little about it, third I know especially nothing about sugar free baking. Does anyone have any tips?

I figured after all of these years of blogging and so many of you have asked me, it's time for a make-up tutorial. I will do it in pictures and make it a blog post instead of a video. I haven't started yet, but I will. It's so different from the fashion posts so I'm looking forward to try something new.