Norway Recap

A little recap of the Norway days. I spent most days doing everything but taking pictures so I don't have that many to show off, but considering I didn't blog much in Norway I'll show some snaps mostly taken with my phone.

You might remember my grand plans of having a Norwegian hotdog as soon as I landed in Norway, here's proof that that happened. I also drove around on my dads scooter which was so fun. I would always hang out in the back seat with Roma, my grandparents dog, while going places.

The week in Norway was everything I wanted, I got to spend lots of time with my grandparents and my dad. I went dress shopping with my grandma in her favourite store as well as visiting the library she's used her entire life, I'm such a book geek so I think that's really exciting too. My dad was working most of the days I was there, but we had a great time when he was around. He's got a new, amazing camera, I got to play with it and practice for when I can afford one on my very own. I also loved spending a whole day in Oslo with him.

Today, here in Ireland, Eoin is visiting. Ken and Eoin is watching TV which means I will have lots of time to read now as I've caught up on the blog. Eoin bought me wine so I'm gonna probably spend Sunday evening reading and drinking wine. Perfect!

Happy Sunday <3