Where did Fashion Friday go? Time for an update

Yesterday evening I came back to Ireland after a week in Norway. I enjoyed myself so much and really felt like I got to spend quality time with my dad and grandparents. I was very busy most of the time as you probably have noticed considering my absent from the blog.

Complications kept happening, as well, which made it that much harder to actually blog. I did work none the less, but I spent time editing pictures and making the photos work which was a job and a half. My dad has a brand new Nikon camera which has a different raw format than my Canon camera, my photoshop wouldn't accept the Nikon format and the first pictures from Oslo was actually corrupt much to my dissatisfaction, I made it work in the end, but my god, when things go wrong they go so very wrong and it takes a lot of time. I know that all probably sounds like nonsense to non photographers, but if any other photographers read this they might appreciate the struggles.

I actually have outfit photos that was taken on Wednesday so that I could post them today, but they are on a memory stick that I brought with me from Norway and that I now absolutely can't find. I'm 90% sure I actually did bring it with me and it's in my luggage somewhere, but I feel like I've looked everywhere and can't find it. It must be there, though so I will find it and post them on Sunday most likely. Considering I could not find them for the life of me I decided to post this post instead and update you on everything going on.

Tomorrow is Saturday and giveaway time! I hope you are as excited as I am. I love running giveaways so much. This time it's a pretty personal one for me, you'll see tomorrow. I'll keep it a secret until then.


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