Oslo you so pretty

After spending some time with my dad and grand parents, my dad and I decided to spend a whole day in Oslo which was super lovely. I really like Oslo a lot. I'll share some pictures from our venture.

We spent the day walking down Aker Brygge, looking in a modern art museum and shopping at Karl Johan which was so packed of people, it was like being in Time Square. We ate some ice cream and sushi. I had such a great time! I love Oslo a lot, I have so many great memories there. If you know where to go, it is such a great place to hang out.

Pictures by Ole Morten Eyra (dad)

It was such a nice and easy going day. My favourite part was spending time with my dad it's really easy going and just like old times, he used to take me traveling when I was younger, but we never travel just us anymore. I also haven't eaten sushi in forever, there is no sushi restaurant in Gorey so it's been a while so it was a big highlight.

Happy new week <3