Yesterday was Pampering Day

I decided to take some time out yesterday to really relax. I knew that if I really wanted to relax I would have to work for it. So I cleaned and did mountains of laundry (it felt like mountains, but it didn't even fill the laundry basket, haha). After my mum left a while back I washed the guestroom bedding. After that I never made the bed again and made a pile of clean laundry on the guest bed. That must have been two weeks ago and I never did anything about it until yesterday! It felt so good to have done, as you can imagine. I also cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen. I, of course, went for my daily, long walk with Holly so when it was time to relax I could actually really relax. It was gooooood and needed! I felt so refreshed afterwards and it just inspires me to do it a lot more often. I love getting that old stuff out of the way because it prepares you and makes room for something new. The day ended with a perfect meal in front of the fire and a movie with Ken.

This morning I felt great to sip my morning coffee while reading. I'm reading about a whole new way of eating which I am actually really excited about. I'll tell you about it some other time. It's different from any other type of diet and food psychology I have ever heard of and it's a refreshing read. I feel like I have discovered a hidden gem of the world. I'll tell you about it, but there is quite a lot of stuff to explain so I'll make a different blog post about it.

It feels so energizing to be all clean. Obviously my hair and body is clean, but also have a clean house and nothing hanging over me. It's the best feeling!