Charm Rose Beach by Thomas Sabo

I'm not going to lie to you. I have no idea who sent me this. I got it on my door a few days ago with a lovely note from the Thomas Sabo team wishing me well and hoping I enjoy the perfume they sent me. They never got in touch with me before that, but I take any present with a big smile - then I photograph it.

It is really a lovely scent to wear. It almost smells like the beach to me. It's slightly heavy, but perfectly divine nonetheless. If I was to compare to anything it would be Burberry. I love some of the Burberry fragrances so that's just a big plus. Considering it's a little heavy, make sure not to wear too much of it. A perfect hint of the scent is perfect or else it might be a little overwhelming.

I will definitely be wearing it myself with my bikini on the beach. There is no doubt. I can't wait! Only a month or so and I will be going to the beach all the time. Looking forward to bring some fruit, berries, water, Ken and Holly and lie on our towels for hours only getting up to cool ourselves down by bathing in the water.