Flower Girl

When my mum was visiting she was so kind as to gift me so many flowers. I don't think a lot of people often realize how much flowers can mean to a girl. I was extra excited, of course, because we had almost just moved in so I didn't have any flowers at all. I think it made the house into a home. They make everything really cosy and alive.

I have also become one of those girls (women? Either is both correct and incorrect, I feel) who make sure my flowers get enough sunlight, love and water. It was a sunny, beautiful day so I put all my flowers out in the garden so that they could soak up the sunlight. I thought they looked so beautiful and colourful all together, I couldn't help, but to take a whole bunch of photos.

The shirt I'm wearing is one of those golden thrift store finds. I paid 5 euro for it and it's a big men's shirt. There is actually nothing more perfect, comfortable and pretty, in it's own right, to hang out in as my casual, at home, wear. I always wear it around the house and while cleaning and gardening. It's such a crisp, fresh colour that I feel like I fit perfectly with my flowers as I match my Forget-me-nots.

I have very little experience with flowers of any kind, actually. I'm actually trying to get a little collection of herbs and everything. If you have any tips, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.