Memory Monday

Heyhey Monday! Today is the first day in forever that I don't have anyone visiting or any very specific plans. The day is MINE! Yay! I need days like today regularly or else I go crazy. It is gray and rainy outside today, but I'm still looking forward to a walk with Holly and lots of time reading. I might even go for a run or do some yoga. It's been a while.

I had to take a screen shot of the funnywhenitswrong photo they posted yesterday. It cracked me up so much!! I had to share with you guys. Thankfully I couldn't be more ready for this Monday unlike that poor guy, haha!

Tomorrow I'm posting my first Interior Tuesday post. I'm excited to really get into it and improve my home and bring you guys with me. I will be posting ideas, solutions, my vision, great items, inspirations, and so on. Hope you are ready!


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