Cosiest evening in

One of the nights Jenny and Rolf decided to cook for us and I'm so happy they did! They made starters and steak and we had lots of wine and it was all in all a great and delicious evening. Jenny is studying to become a Norwegian and English teacher so we chatted loads about literature and I got some great book recommendations. Rolf had a blast playing with Holly, apparently Rolf is as dog crazy as Ken is. I'm pretty sure Holly and Rolf actually danced together at some point. Ken was so impressed with Rolf's cooking he basically asked him to stay before joining in on the conversation about books. Turns out Ken has a first edition of a Harry Potter book that he queued for and everything! Cute! The fact that that never came up in conversation before amuses me, I had no idea!

It was sad to see Jenny and Rolf leave, they were leaving for Prague, I had a blast having them here. Hopefully I'll see them again soon!